Friday, May 9, 2014

Handmade Cards Inspiration

A little inspiration of some cards I have been working on lately.  A mixture of Mother's day, Birthday and some generic cards.

I know I don't tend to post here all that often but I am definitely a lot more active on all the other social media platforms.  You can find all the links to these on our website home page in the top right hand corner.  So if you miss keeping up to date with happenings around here be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram as I  usually post daily, if not at least a few times a week.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and if you are a mum enjoy having some time to yourself.  I nearly forgot to mention we are offering gift vouchers valued at  $50 for only a $40 investment.  Available until Saturday.  You then have 6 months to spend your voucher so make sure you hint to hubby that you would love one!!

Click on image below for more details

Koko Vanilla Designs Handmade Cards

 anna xoxo


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