Thursday, November 26, 2009

Customer Order Turnaround

Dear Customers

Just advising that as this is a really high volume ordering time that at this stage order turnaround is approx 2 to 3 days. If you require your order to be sent urgently, please place a note in the comments section of your order stating when you need your order by. Alternatively you can email me at

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Christmas Card Kit - Sneak Peak

Christmas Card Kit 2009 - Sneak Peak

Well I have spent my time this week between responding to customer queries, packing orders and trying to get any spare moment to finish designing the latest card kit. As well as planning, cleaning and organising a huge family BBQ Birthday for my daughter this Saturday night. Last Sunday she had a pool party with a few school friends and next week is the family party. I don't know why I put this pressure on myself to do two parties but sometimes its easier than trying to combine the two. That's what happens when you have a big family.

So amongst trying to juggle several jobs all at once, which I think I have officially mastered I might add, I can run between 5 different jobs all at the one time and come 3.00, pick up time, maybe 3 out of the 5 jobs are done orders of course, they are always done and mailed out by 3.00pm daily, orders in this house have priority, you will be happy to know.

Okay so I thought I would just pop in today and show you a sneaky peak of some of the latest card kit. I am having lots of fun creating this one and trying to come up with new ideas that can still be put into a kit, that you can create at home. This kit is due to be released this week, absolutely promise as I know, its time to make a start on these cards. If you want to be the first to know the kit is out make sure you sign up to receive my newsletter on the home page. You can find it here Its worth signing up for as I often offer freebies that I don't offer to general public, just to website members. Just a little hint, next email has a freebie offer in it, so don't miss out.

I feel better now that I have popped in to update. One final thing I nearly forgot to mention I went down for a quick visit to the Matihlda Market on Sunday Morning at Hawthorn Town Hall. There were a few online sites that I knew where exhibiting there so I went to have a look. I must say for a cold, raining and wet Sunday, it was fabulous to see so many people attend. I took my 3 kids along and I had to park 3 blocks away as it was packed. So happy to say that Handmade is being acknowledged like it should yay Melbourne I am so proud!! Just remember there is always Etsy which is a handmade market 24/7 right at your fingertips. You can find the link in the sidebar on this blog.

That's all for now! Absolutely Must go!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Be Merry and Shop Till You Drop!

Be Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I wanted to pop in and tell you that these gorgeous Christmas Gift tags are now available in the shop. You can find them here. These tags measure 6cm x 6cm, plenty of space on the back for your personal Christmas message. Your Christmas Gift Wrapping will look just so adorable with these tags. Beautifully handmade using great quality supplies.

Now onto the second part of my title, which is a bit long and not really craft related. Okay my title is about two separate topics, but I thought that well as a title it does go and well it certainly is true most of the time, shopping can be fun, except when well you are spending hours walking in and out of shops with your 11 yr old daughter (who is far too fussy for her age) shopping for graduation dresses. Today we spent a couple of hours doing this and its' not the first time, so the novelty has worn to say the least. To all the dress designers out there, if you want to make some cash, hello, why can't anybody see this. There is nothing out there for these young girls to wear aged 11 - 13 that is also appropriate and fits well. The younger aged clothes are well too childish and the teenage clothes are either far too skanky, (can I say that on this blog), or just very ordinary and completely overpriced for the flimsiest of fabric. So overall between last week and this week we went in and out of about 30 shops, tried on several dresses, none of which were a perfect fit. Now don't get me wrong I am more than happy to pay for a dress that fits perfectly, so it's not really about the money, moreso its about the fact that there really is nothing out there.

Having said this I must say that a few months back I bought my daugter a gorgeous dress from Forever New for a dance that we had to attend and I said to here no pressure but she could also wear it to her graduation down the track, however it was strapless, but very pretty. Well a few months down the track and now closer to graduation day, apparently no strapless dresses are allowed according my daughter's teacher. So here we are back on the hunt again, for a new dress, with straps, that fits a petite 11 yr old. I am stressing far more than she is, because as a mum I don't want the last minute tantrums over a dress.

So I have had my little vent here which I don't do often, but I don't get it why can no one see that these girls need dresses to suit their figures and no they don't really have boobs yet, which knocks out 95% of the teenage style dresses out there. I'm sure there are plenty of other mums out there going through the same thing.

Gee I thought shopping for and with my husband was a nightmare (which it is), but this just as bad if not worse. We have about 3 weeks to go to find something, and I think I have run out of shopping centres. I think Chadstone might be next on the list or even Bridge Rd, Richmond, but I am just thinking it will all be the same stuff.

To change the subject entirely, I must say it's so nice to have some cooler weather here in Melbourne, I don't mind warm sunny days, but when it's hot continuously for a few days it's a bit overwhelming. So I am enjoying the cool air. Hope you are having a nice Saturday night. I am off now to watch a movie with the kids and chill out!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Growing up so quickly...

My gorgeous daughter Melanie is 9 today, I can't believe it 9 where did those 9 years go. Happy Birthday dear Mel!! The first photo is of Mel when she was probably about 3 - 4. The other of course is of this morning.
Amongst all the morning rush it is my tradition that the kids always get their pressies on their birthday morning even though their parties are usually not until the weekend.
Melanie wanted a guitar for her birthday this year, not sure why, but hey who am I to argue, it was an easy present to buy, although this now means guitar lessons. However I don't mind I love music and I love kids learning music, I learnt the piano as a kid and I think it's great to know the basics of an instrument. Music is so beautiful and soothing for the soul. Working from home means I get to listen to whatever I like and it usually is a combination of inspirational downloads on the internet or music. If you are ever wanting a pick me up my absolute favourite website and online radio station is Hay House. You can listen to it day or night, I just love it and often I hear just what I am needing to hear at just the right time, very sychronistic. Here is the link if you want to check it out I highly recomend it, if of course you are into that sort of thing, I know its not everyones cup of tea.
Okay well I just wanted to pop in and acknowledge my daughters birthday, it is also my big sisters birthday tomorrow but she is in China working from there so big hugs to you as well Sis we will see you next week.
Hope you are all staying cool in this hot Melb heat. I have to do a delivery of icy-poles to my daughters class this afternoon, that's what she chose rather than a cake or cupcakes to share with her classmates, I just need to make sure I get them there still frozen.
Happy Day to all!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Need Some Christmas Inspiration???

Well I have just the place. Finally I have started loading the Christmas Gallery for 2009. You can view it here. The gallery is still in its early stages but there is much more to come, and it will be loaded with plenty of ideas to get you motivated to create. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head, that I could probably sit here and create day and night, but then what would happen to my kids and family, neglect of course. However I have started early and will try and get lots of samples up and of course a couple more kits are brewing, so stay tuned.

I sent a Newsletter out to all my site members today, if you are not a member and would like to be you can join up here. You will find a spot on the top right hand corner of the homepage to type in your email address, its that simple and then you are subscribed. I have lots of Christmas Specials coming up and they are usually exclusively for members, so it's worth signing up for and of course tell all your family and friends to do so as well.

Of course because I can't post without some photos I have added up the top a couple of sneaky peaks of what's in the Christmas Gallery. Some of the gallery has been created by Meri our designer and of course my sister-in-law, so the layout above features my cute little nephew Cam. Which reminds me that I think I have to get the kids dressed and get some Christmas photos happening. I am thinking red tshirts and jeans and of course a christmas hat might be the go. We have lots of lanes around here so I think they could be some great backdrops for photos. There I go again off my with my imagination and another thing to add to my to do list.
Okay that's about it for today's update and be sure to check out all the New Arrivals whilst your on site.
Chat Soon

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Fever

Many new Christmas Supplies have been arriving over the last few days and I have finally caught up with all orders and have had some time to list all the newbies this afternoon.

Here is a sneaky peak

SEI WinterSong

Purchase this collection here

WinterSong Winter Song

WinterSong Crystal Arabesque

WinterSong Flurry Kisses
Inkadinkado Holiday Expression Clear Stamp Set
A great selection of images and Christmas Sentiments in this pack

Inkadinkado Mini Holiday Thoughts Clear Stamp Set

Purchase Here

These are cute little sentiments great size for Chrissie cards, tags and scrapbook journaling. To give you an idea of sizing the Merry Christmas at the top of this set measures 4cm x 2cm.

Still loading more so take a look at our new arrivals. Hope you are all coping with this hot Melbourne Heat, stay cool!!
See You

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sigh of Relief

What a week 's been. Finally our School Fair is Over, I have been busy all week and neglected nearly every other thing in my life so I am so glad its finally come and gone. I must firstly apologise to all my customers, order turn around has been a day or two extra this week and any final orders from last week will be shipped out tomorrow. Also just a reminder that today is the last day that the 4 free gift tags will be added to your order see post below for full details.

Okay well a bit about our fair. I was in charge of the Craft stall (of course)so really it has been an ongoing process all year with holding workshops and making items throughout the year. But of course with only a few helpers I spent most of last week finishing off some pieces, packing and pricing and organising helpers, rosters, room set up etc etc. I'm sure many of you mums out there know the drill. The funny thing is normally kids really love it when you help out at school but having a Grade 6 child she is so over it and doesn't want me at school helping all the time. So I have now decided that I think I will take a step back from it all. I have been highly involved for the past 7 years and I think its time to let some others step up to the plate.

Above is a gorgeous Noel Banner I created to sell at our fair which actually sold before the fair even began with one of the helpers on set up day purchasing it. So I made a few more, slightly different to sell on Fair day and then also to list on the website, so it will be up in the store shortly, probably tomorrow at this stage.
Would you believe in all the frenzy I didn't take any photos of our stall set up, which look really great and luckily we had a room with airconditioning which stayed cool all day with our 30 degree heat. Some people were coming in just to escape the heat for a few minutes.
The other reason I wanted to show you the banner here on the blog is because the banner is created using all the new range of Making Memories Mistletoe Christmas Papers, just so perfect for Christmas and festive and all available in the shop. I also have lots more samples to load up in the gallery of how you can use this new range.
That's it for me, kids are calling, husband wingeing, why is it that even on a Sunday I have to be a mum?? LOL. More later in the week I promise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free Gift Tags wth every order over $15.00

Just checking in to say Hi at the end of this busy Melbourne Cup day. What started as a relatively quiet day, ended up with an impromptu BBQ at my place with all my family which totaled approx 26 people. At 9am I was off buying meat and other bits and pieces, then home, a quick tidy up around here and then food prep. A whirlwind of a day but nice to spend time with family.

I just had to share this cute photo of my brother and I which Hubbie took. If you know my brother Pep he is very funny, sweet and very caring. If you are a Melbourne local, he also makes a really great coffee too. My brother runs his own cafe on Canterbury Road in Surrey Hills in Melbourne called Cafe Lucci. Pop in if you live around the area or are passing by, you will be impressed, great coffee, great service.

Sorry the photos are all over the place but blogger isn't co-operating and I couldn't move these photos down for some reason. So all the photos at the top of this post are related to this paragraph down here.
As you see pictured above, I am offering a free set of 4 Handmade Christmas tags with every order of $15.00 or more before postage. This offer is valid for this weeks orders only, ends Sunday Night. I have been busy making up these tags like a little production line, I had my daughter helping this morning early on and then my sister-in-laws all pitched in today to make a few this afternoon whilst we were chatting. I have wonderful sister-in-laws.!! I needed to make lots of these tags because not only are they available on the website but I am also making a big bunch for our School Fair on Saturday. In total I have about 50 made at the moment. So you can either purchase a pack of 4 on the website or recieve them for free with your $15 purchase . They will be available shortly under Handmade Papercrafts. They are the cutest vintage style Christmas tags, so adorable and so perfect for all your gifts.
Well that's all for now. I am off to get the kids wound down and off to bed. They have had a full day of eating and laughing and playing with their cousins and now bringing them down off that high is the hard part. Hope your Cup Day was full of fun and laughter also.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Verdict on Halloween

Back again, wow it's been 3 or 4 posts this week. Can you tell I've been home far too much this week. Do you know that feeling when you just want to be out all day, I usually love being home but I think these last few days of being at home with kids, I just need to be around other people and out of the house. In about 4 weeks I will probably be saying the exact opposite but oh well!! Also posting for my own amusement as I have been up since 5am and well trying not to make too much noise so no one else gets up early.

This leads me to my next point Halloween. This has been the first official year I have stalked the streets with my kids and I say stalked because that's what it feels like for a whole one and half hours. I believe that if you want to teach your kids to be really good at cold calling in the future then trick or treating is a good way to start. I'm not sure if it was my private school upbringing or just my personality but I must say I am happy not to do that again. I know kids are innocent and have no inhabitions but I on the other hand felt like I should have just had a business card in hand since my kids were doing all the ground work so easily why not just pop over a business card at the same time. Instead I just waited in the background on the street far enough away to make sure my kids were safe whilst pretending that well they weren't my kids.

Okay the responses were mixed from - I've lived here for 10 years and no one has ever done halloween here, to pumpkins lit in the front yard in the dark (i must say it looked awesome) to we live in Australia not America (as I walked away I thought to myself well kids are kids wherever they are) to your in luck we had a birthday party here today, here's a lolly bag (jackpot!!) to finally the few neighbours I had collaborated with that we would be passing by each others houses that had plenty of lolly stashes waiting. Having said all that those 3 pumpkin buckets were full by the end.

Final verdict, unless everyone's doing it I'd rather give it a miss. As we passed some people on the street, a passerby said laughingly, 'its okay the novelty passes quickly', let's hope by next year its well and truly passed.
So I hope your Halloween was just as entertaining it was certainly a learning curve for me. We would never have been allowed to do that whilst I was growing up given my strict Italian background. How things have changed!!
Well I am off to continue preparations for our school fair next Saturday. I will be back with some photos of all the fun stuff I am doing like, creating, packing, pricing, organising oh and did I mention stressing out. Just breathe, all is well, this too shall pass. That is my mantra for this week.
Happy Sunday to all


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