Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carnival Admission One Tickets Now Available & 100 day fitness challenge

Hey Everybody, wouldn't you know it just as we head towards the end of the summer holidays we have our first 40 degree day for the year.  All I can say is "what the!!!"  I bet you the kids will have a warm few weeks returning to school.

Anyway I finally managed to source the beloved carnvial tickets I spent a long time searching for.  So I can now offer them to you all my beautiful customers in my store in 4 bright and vibrant colours.  More to come soon.  They are for sale in their individual colours as well as in a mulitpack.  Just loving these at the moment and they have made a guest appearance in my newest card kit (see post below).

Here they are feast your eyes on this eye candy.  The last card is a sample of how I use it.

Carnival Admission One Tickets
Available for purchase here

Finally I have to guiltily admit (if that's a word) that most of the weight that I lost last year has gradually found its way back.  So now that this long summer of indulgent eating and no exercise is finally over its time to get back into action and kick the extra kilos where they belong far far away.  So to get motivated I have joined this 100 day fitness challenge on facebook.  It doesn't have to be just about weightloss, it can be healthy eating, positive thinking, kicking an addiction like smoking, it doesn't matter what you choose the idea is to commit to it and join an online page where you can claim your successes and drawbacks along the way with like minded people.  Won't you join me, I started yesterday and kicked it off with a zumba class.  Wow it felt good to do exercise again.  I am commiting to doing exercise at least 5 days a week and cutting the carbs and sugars as much as possible that is definitely my downfall.  Of course lots of positive thinking in with the mix.

The link to the facebook page is here.  Megan aka Jewelchic who I have mentioned before on this blog, whose house Oprah went to for Dinner late last year is the wonderful movtivational lady behind this page.  If nothing else get yourself on facebook, and join the challenge and watch her videos of progress.  At the very least you should be feeling better after 100 days of putting your energy to commiting to improve your health.  Where thoughts go energy flows.  Lets make 2011 our best year yet!!!

Anna xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Summer Daydream New Card Making Kit Release

Inspired by Long Lazy Summer Days on the beach or in the backyard daydreaming of beautiful things to come. Being surrounded by vibrant colours and experiences that summer has to offer This kit with all it's vibrant colours and textures is filled with sentiments of love and beauty and gratitude for the ones you love.  Take a closer look here.

A Summer Daydream Card Making Kit

Exclusive to Koko Vanilla Designs
Design By Anna Pontikis

Anna xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Free Mini Kit - Sweet Wonderful You

Hey Everyone

Just thought I would pop in to let you know we now have a new free mini kit in store for purchases over $55, postage not included.

On a side note, its not long now, holidays are slowly coming to a close.  I have to be honest I miss the routine and the structure.  I miss my school mum friends and the socialising, and the business of the school and working year. I thrive on getting things done so I can't sit around for ever I have to get on with it there is too much to accomplish in life.   I have a few friends that would love to have their kids home all year round.  I really don't get that and I can't say I agree.  I just love my independance and the kids need to be back at school and stimulated by their teachers, friends and schoolwork and I need some peace and quiet and time to think and sort things out. 

Also another side note have you been watching the Oprah shows???  OMG I love that woman she is trully amazing and inspirational.  She said a beautiful thing on last nights show to the ultimate viewers she had flown down that they were there for a reason and all that they had been blessed with on this trip to now take it home and release it out to others.  In other words to pay it forward I believe she mean't.  I can't remember Oprah's exact words but I would love to have taped it and written them down, such powerful words, words to live by.

I  have waffled on long enough.

Happy Weekend to all....
Anna xxxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Divine Twine

Hello Everyone.

I am excited to announce that we are now stocking a new brand of Twine to compliment the twine we already have in store.  The brand is Divine Twine Straight from the USA.  Unfortunately suppliers here in Australia are not able to supply all the colours available so now we have a full spectrum of gorgeous colours for you.  This new twine is a thinner twine than the others we stock however the rolls are 240 yds which is equivalent to approx 220m.  The newest colours are Aqua, Candy Pink, Apple Green, Brown Sugar, Airmail (which is a combination of blue/red/white), Purple Plum and Blueberry.  You can find them all in store here.

Below is some of the range of Divine Twine.  However to get a closer look at the colours we stock you will find them in our Ribbons, Trims & Twine Dept.

Anna xx

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Season Of Loving.....

Wow its been a while since my last post.  We went to the beach for a couple of days this past week,  just to get away at least for the kids sake before hubby goes back to work.  I was checking my calender yesterday and noticed there is still ages to go before the kids are back at school, I can't believe how long these holidays are.  Our kids don't go back until the 4th Feb.  It seems there are so many more days to fill.  I took my kids to see Little Fockers last night at the movies it was really funny, great for a laugh although I am not sure it was really kid appropriate.
Anyway...... Back to the theme of today and the title of this post LOVE.  Couldn't we all do with giving and recieving more of that on a daily basis.  To kick off the season of love and Valentines day here are some of the things we have in store to celebrate your love and appreciation for your loved ones.  Apart from love themed supplies we also have a selection of ready made tags and cards which are all in the Handmade Papercrafts Dept.  Here we go:




Back with more soon
Happy Sunday
Anna xx

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pink Paislee - Parisian Collection Update

Just a super quick update today as I am a women on a mission, popping into let you know the albums and refills are in transit to me now, they will be here either tomorrow or Monday.  I have added a lot of other items from the range in store.  It is all up for ordering, and when it goes that will be it for a while until more supplies are sent from Overseas.

To view the range go to Pink Paislee House of Three Parisian Collection.

l will just leave you with this image from Ali Edwards Blog.  She has compiled everyone's word for 2011 in this artful form.  If you are stuggling with you word here is some inspiration, you can also go to her blog and see them all writen in larger font if you cannot read it here.

Opps I nearly forgot to add..... my word for 2011 is Gratitude

Happy Sunshine everyone!!

Anna xx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Busy Start to the New Year...

A few of the goals I have set this year is to journal and scrapbook again.  I hardly did any layouts last year, due to time commitments and really a lack of motivation.  Sometimes its as simple as just getting the photos actually printed to begin with, so that when inspirations strikes the photos are there ready to go.

So last year whilst searching through some blogs I came across an amazing album album  from Pink Paislee.   I was thinking I wanted to do a photo journal one page a week that would combine both the scapbooking and creative element but also incorporate journaling.  Small, quick and easy no excuse to not keep up.  I then came across this amazing you tube video by Nicole Magourik featured below demonstrating this album and how the page protectors work and  I was sold.  I also knew that I wanted to stock these in store for my customers to purchase.  

Here is the youtube video I was talking about

These albums are now in store but have been very popular and are currently sold out. I have ordered more and they should be here within a week or so.   Little did I know that Ali Edwards would recommend these albums for her One Little Word Online class.  This means they have sold out right away.  How amazing it is that Ali has to simply recommend a product and it creates a world wide surge of purchases.  If you would like to purchase an album or put yourself on the waiting list you can email me at to secure yourself an album when they are back in stock.  Otherwise you can find them in store in our new Albums dept here.

So I am making a start with my day in a week album.  Won't you join me.  It doesn't really matter what you call it, the important thing is that you journal your story and having fun using up some creative energy doing it and dig into that stash of products you have been accumulating. 

More Soon
Anna xx

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to Twenty Eleven everybody!!

I wanted to share this list that my sister-in-law Meri posted on her facebook page, I am not sure where she found it so I can't credit the source.  What a fabulous list to aspire to in the New Year.  I am about to start writing my goals for 2011, how about you??
Anna xx


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