Friday, January 21, 2011

New Free Mini Kit - Sweet Wonderful You

Hey Everyone

Just thought I would pop in to let you know we now have a new free mini kit in store for purchases over $55, postage not included.

On a side note, its not long now, holidays are slowly coming to a close.  I have to be honest I miss the routine and the structure.  I miss my school mum friends and the socialising, and the business of the school and working year. I thrive on getting things done so I can't sit around for ever I have to get on with it there is too much to accomplish in life.   I have a few friends that would love to have their kids home all year round.  I really don't get that and I can't say I agree.  I just love my independance and the kids need to be back at school and stimulated by their teachers, friends and schoolwork and I need some peace and quiet and time to think and sort things out. 

Also another side note have you been watching the Oprah shows???  OMG I love that woman she is trully amazing and inspirational.  She said a beautiful thing on last nights show to the ultimate viewers she had flown down that they were there for a reason and all that they had been blessed with on this trip to now take it home and release it out to others.  In other words to pay it forward I believe she mean't.  I can't remember Oprah's exact words but I would love to have taped it and written them down, such powerful words, words to live by.

I  have waffled on long enough.

Happy Weekend to all....
Anna xxxx

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