Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Stamps

Morning Everybody,

Just popping in bright and early on this rainy sunday morning.  What happened to yesterday's gorgeous weather??  My son has soccer and then a birthday party to attend today at an animal farm both outdoors. hoping the rain clears up at least for a few hours.

Onto craft I have just been loading a few new stamps sets on site and thought to give you the heads up on the blog.  Cute cannot describe these stamps they are beyond cute.....

Hero Arts You Rock Rubber Stamp (my favourite)

Lots of stampy inspiration to get you crafting here.

Happy Sunday
Anna xx

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My favourite song at the moment

Second post for the day....

Martha Stewart Crafts

Yay they have finally arrived.  Some gorgeous new Martha punches to play with.  You can find them in store here.

As well as these divine Die cut Lace doilies.  You recieve 3 different designs in this pack of 12 and they are small, they are just toooooooo cute to pass up.

And lots of other great new supplies but I haven't had a chance to load them up on site yet.  Cannot wait to have some creative time with these products.

Back with more soon
Anna xx

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Create Time to Change your Life

Feeling a little on the flat side today and I was just fluffing around online looking for some inspiration.  I came across this article referred to on facebook by Ali Edwards and went over to have a read.  Just what I needed to hear today.  The post is over at Zen Habits about taking the time to change your life.  Head on over and take a look.  It is very much worth the read for a bit of Sunday Inspiration.  There is also a link to the changes Leo (the blog author) has made you can find them here.

A lot of what he has acheived can seem overwhelming especially when there are several things you are trying to change all at once, but I guess that's the key small changes, little by little, create one big change.  But really getting focused and knowing what it is you absolutely want will ultimately keep you on track when you begin to doubt yourself or take steps backwards as is inevitable in any change process.

Anyway Leo says it a lot better than I do, so I will leave it there.

Happy Sunday
Anna xx


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Thank You Tags

Last week I had a huge wedding order to complete for a wonderful bride to be getting married this weekend.  It included matching shipping tags to tie around the napkin on the table as a place tag, little stamped thank you tags for the party favours or otherwise known as Bonbonierri and a whole lot of Large thank you cards to send out after the event to guests.  I forgot to photograph the first lot as I sent it out in two batches, but I did snap a photo of the thank you cards to be mailed after the wedding.  The Bride sent me a photo of the Bridesmade dress which had a pink lining with a choc brown sheer fabric over the top and therefore wanted the stationery to match the dress.  Here is what I came up with.

Of course it helps that I have so many different papers here and ribbons and of course my all time favourite twine.  The Pink and white twine was used to tie the name tags around the napkin and also to tie the thank you tag on the bonbonierri.  Gorgeous Cristina Re Paper and of course I just happen to have a pink/white/choc brown ribbon to match.  I love it when everything co-ordinates.  The Bride was very happy with it all and I can't ask for more than that.  Have a beautiful Wedding day Christen!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is all there is....

I saw this print posted on PS I love you's wall on facebook and I just fell in love with it. It is a print and I would love to have one displayed on the wall in my studio.  So beautiful and so true.  If only I had seen this yesterday on Valentine's day.  You can purchase it in this Etsy Store here.

It really must be the season of Love because I have been busy helping a few brides out with their wedding invitations and thank you cards in the last couple of weeks.  I will post some pictures soon of a special custom order I did for a bride last week.

Enjoy the sunshine!
Anna x

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hey Everyone,

Make sure you don't let the day end without telling someone who is special to you, how much they mean to you.  Don't get sucked into the commerical side of this day but let it be a reminder to you to show appreciation for all the wonderful people in your life who have somehow made a difference in who you are today!
Have a love filled day
Anna ♥♥♥

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picture Collages

I just found this awesome website in my search to make photos look a lot prettier and this is what I found, I am very impressed!!!  The site is called Picture2LIfe.  I know some of these photos in my collage are stretched but I didn't want to spend a lot of time fixing it I was just having a quick play with the features to see what I could come up with.  Now I am hooked, I will be back.

Take a look for yourself it's easy to follow the instructions, you just have to create an account first but its free.  Have Fun!!

My first picture collage

Anna xx

Martha Stewart Vintage Doily Punch

Hi Everyone.

It's been a while since my last post, simply because I have spent the first few days getting kids settled into school finally and catching up on some of the admin behind the scenes at Koko Vanilla.  Also on the very top of my priority list is the 100 day fitness challenge I began over a week ago.  It feels really great to finally be able to get out and exercise on a regular basis again, although it seems like I am starting from scratch.  I know however that fitness is cumulative, so by keeping at it a little every day it will build up again in no time.  The hardest part is stopping all the snacking which I was doing a lot of over the summer break.  It has become such a bad habit.  So still working on that one.

Now onto some crafty news. Shortly I will be stocking a new range of punches from Martha Stewart. However to begin with I have one which is already available on site.  It is the Vintage Doily Double Paper Punch which I have already snapped one up for myself, these are a must have for crafters.  So cute and petite but so adorable.  Take a look at the sample gift tag I have created below.  This little doily has so much detail in it such a gem of a punch.  I will also have some other types of butterfly punches in her range and a couple of others so stay tuned for those.

In this tag I have used the doily punch to create a border of doilies all the way up the side of the tag.  I have then continued the theme by using a doily punch in the middle of the flower layers.  Also used in this tag are our Carnvial Tickets in white and Candy Pink Divine Twine.

More soon
Anna x

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Restless Night - My Randomn Thoughts....

No creative updates in this post just my opinion, wanting to be expressed again.....

I'm not sure if anyone in Australia managed to get a decent nights sleep last night.  I for one kept watching for updates on TV up until Midnight (not what I usually do by the way), waiting and watching and seeing the terror and fear of what was ahead for anyone living in Far North QLD being sucked into the hype of it all.  I really feel for those affected, I think anyone with compassion would, however I haven't posted about any of the floods, and I don't really intend to amplyfy it here except for this quick mention of my opinion of it all.  I haven't tried to raise money or set up an auction as many other stores have, although I have made my own personal donation and I take my hat off to those who have had the time, energy and resources to do all these things, well done and as fellow Aussies we are proud.   I believe as I stated in my last post however where thoughts go energy flows.  I prefer to send love and prayers and positive thoughts rather than to get caught up in the Media hype.

All the fear that seemed to be generated with the current cyclone, the news updates, the speculation, the constant warnings and then this morning it seemed as though it wasn't as bad as first predicted although still terrible.  Days and Days of News about it, rehashing the past cyclones etc.  How much fear can be instilled in a population thanks to the constant stream of media updates and comparisons to past events.  No wonder everyone is completely frightened, even living in another state.  I agree technology and information about getting out, getting safe and being prepared is absolutely essential and there lies the upside of technology.  As far as the over dramatisation, the constant interviewing, etc etc, I believe can be a drawback.

During the floods all you saw on TV for days 24/7 was the same update, the same TV scenes, the same interviews just recycled all day.  I know I may be rocking the boat here in my views, but I think unless you are there to physically help (which I know so many have), or provide some sort of financial support (via a donation, fund raising, auctions etc), or sending loving thoughts and prayers (very powerful by the way, more than we know) all the rest is meanlingless hype which only gives energy to more of the same and satisfies our need to be informed constantly of every little thing going on in the world, overloading our brains in the process.  (I read in a magazine a couple of weeks ago, "that we recieve more information from one newspaper, than people did in a whole life time many many many years ago (can't recall the exact year sorry)  This is one reason why I don't really read Newspapers, nor do I like watching the News.

On that note, to wind up this long post, I am sending heartfelt love and light to all those affected that the cyclone subsides quickly and easily without causing any further harm and that everyone is kept safe and able to recover with ease whilst they get their lives back together, perhaps knowing from this experience what is really imporant in life.  Not things but people, humanity, love, compassion, support, caring, sharing, integrity and did I mention LOVE.  Lets hope we've seen the last of natural disasters for Australia this year.  Lets learn the lesson from it all, Mother Nature is not angry, she is just gently giving us a much needed wake up call to remember why we are really here and even if it's not happening directly to you, learn from the lesson anyway as its meant for us all.

Sermon Over LOL!

Love and light to you all!!!!
Anna xxxxxx


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