Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Inspirational Video

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post straight to my blog this inspirational video I came across in my inbox yesterday, but for some reason blogger is not allowing it.  So the best I can do is link the page here.  Please, take a look it only goes for a few minutes but worth your time.  Some of the info in this is GOLD.

Enjoy everybody, click on the link below to watch

No Class Ceiling, Just Blue Sky Video

PS.  How nice would it be if our kids watched videos like this throughout their school life instead or learning stuff that is irrelevant.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas - Sydney Morning Herald

How very exciting yesterday that one of the Koko Vanilla Card Making Kits was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.  A big thanks to Erin Cuneen - Stylist for finding us a couple of months back and wanting to feature one of our kits in the Christmas Gift Guide she was photographing.  It's a great guide filled with plenty of fabulous gift ideas.

The kit featured was the Country Garden Picnic Card Making Kit.  Take a look below

Saturday, November 26, 2011

NEW Christmas Card Making Kit

Under the Mistletoe
Christmas Card Making Kit

Designed by Anna Pontikis

To view and purchase this kit go here

A free bonus with each kit purchase before December 1

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New FREE mini Christmas Kit in store now.....

Sparkling Snowflakes
Free Mini Kit

Add the kit to your cart for free here

Plenty of cute christmassy goodness in this kit
Great for a mini Christmas Scrapbook, December Daily,
Card, Gifts, Stocking fillers for crafty kids.

Only until stocks last

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday DivineTwine and Sponge Daubers - in stock NOW

Hello Everyone

I am dropping in ever so quickly to mention there are a few new goodies now up on site.

So excited I finally have these back in stock after so long to get them in.

What are they???? I hear you ask...... they may not look pretty but that's okay becuase they are a tool to make your work look super amazing.  I use these on every project and one for every colour family.  They are durable and last for ages.  You can get affects like the tags pictured below.  The inking around the edges of the paper is how you get that distressed, shabby look which I am totally in love with.

Take your sponge dauber, dip in ink pad and then run around the edges or over your paper depending how faint or deep you want the distressing to look.  Too easy.  You can see the effect around these gift tags.  They were inked with Old Paper from Tim Holtz and they look vintage and shabby.  Without the inking they look dull and boring.

Below is another sample.  Here I have used a stronger colour vintage ink Walnut Ink and you can see a different effect.  These ink pads last a really long time and its worth investing in a few different colours you love the most and a pack of sponge daubers and you are set.  The ink pads can also be used for any other project like inking stamps etc.

Finally Divine Twine Holiday Twine has arrived

This is a limited edition twine released for Christmas.  I have brought up a fair few rolls but don't know if there will be more when I go to reorder so please if you love it and want it don't hesitate purchase it now, as I am not sure I will be getting more in before Christmas.

Here is a closer look at the red/green/white colour combination.  Love it, reminds me of candy canes.

Okay that's it from me over and out and back to work.  I am putting in full days of packing and shipping here and there has been no time for creative fun.  Looks like some late nights are ahead.

I have just come back from Yoga and feel relaxed and clear and focused and ready to put in a productive day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A handmade Wedding Card

I was asked by a friend this morning at School to make a last minute Wedding card for a wedding she was attending today.  As I walked away thinking about what design I would create, (as I don't often making wedding cards) I remembered that some ago I had purchased some gorgeous Bridal Wedding Dress embellishments that I came across and loved to sell on site.  Of course they were shoved to the back of the cupboard and to the end of the never ending to do list and hadn't made it on site yet until today.

So pictured below is said Wedding Dress Embellishment, now available for purchase here

And here is the card I created with it.

This dress is so beautifully and delicately made.  The card is instantly Wedding Worthy without too much effort.  By the way the card looks even prettier in real life, the photography doesn't really capture it here.

Hope you are having a lovely Friday.  I am busy packing orders and catching up on things around here before the weekend.  Very peaceful and taking my time.  I am tempted to go out for a couple of hours but feel like getting on top of things here is more efficient.

By the way and I just wanted to make note of the date today 11-11-11.  Apparently this number combination is very powerful and will affect us all in different ways.  It is also a powerful day to set the intention for where you are heading and what you would like from life.  Remove anything inauthentic and toxic people that don't lift you up and inspired need to be given the flick.  I know easier said than done especially when those people are close to you or family members. Just for today set the intention and commit to change. 

Here is a lovely post I came across on facebook which I wanted to share by Jennifer Hoffman

It's already 11-11-11 in the Southern Hemisphere, so to everyone in that part of the world, celebrate today in gratitude, love and being in your power. What is one powerful thought you can hold for yourself today to transform your life and change the world?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chevron Bitty Bags in even more colours have arrived

on site soon......

So excited to announce also arriving this week for a limited time only some new Festive Twine

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE .....cant wait to get my hands on a roll and photograph it for you guys.

Back with more soon.  I am knee deep in packing all your orders today, boy you guys know how to keep a girl busy.  Does this mean the silly season has officially started LOL!! 

Enjoy this beautiful Thursday everybody!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing Some New Products

Hey Everyone

I thought I would pop in and share a few new products I have been adding to the site the last couple of days.  I have finally caught up with all your orders and am beginning to feel a little more in control of things around here.  I'm sure it won't last long but I am taking a breather this afternoon and catching up whilst there is less pressure in an easy and calm manner.  My large project for the next couple of days is to create a new Christmas Card Kit, ready for release by the end of the week.  I also have plenty more stock to photograph and add to the site.  I am loving the new stamps from Hero Arts especially the candy cane stamp and the tags.  These would make some great Christmas papercrafts.  The cute wooden spools will be making an appearance in the new Christmas Card kit.  Can't wait to use them, but you can buy your own pack on site.  I still have a few colours of shipping tags to load but will try and get them all on this afternoon.

Back with more later in the week


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