Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kaisercraft Stock Update

Hey Everyone,

An order from Kaisercraft arrived last week.  Here are some of the goodies.  You can find the ones pictured below and more here.  I am loving some of their new designs take a look.

New Chipboard

New Stamps

New Patterned Papers

New Crochet Doilies

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Party Inspiration - Vintage Turquoise

I am soooo in love with this dessert table.  I want to recreate it.  I am not sure why but I am just overly addicted to turquoise at the moment and whenever I find myself out and about I am scouring around for turquoise accessories for my home.   This dessert table is from Amy Atlas, you can view her blog below. Apparently a trip to OZ is on the cards for her, wouldn't that be nice.

So even though I am in over my head  with workload at the moment and I have been lucky enough to have a 13 yr old assistant around here for the week (at a fee of course)  I am on the hunt to find supplies to recreate this colour scheme to share on line with you all.

Oh and as for the wall colour (don't tell my husband but I secretly want to paint my studio this colour, at least one wall and maybe just one day I might actually do it without consulting him of course) hehehe.
photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Blog


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time to Fire Up again

So as the holidays come to an end it's time to fire up the cyclinders again.  Although my eldest daughter has an extra week off I have already told her, no more sleepovers, movies or shopping she's done enough of that for the last two weeks and I am over being a chauffer.  Instead she's now going to help me with some things over the next week.  Payback is always a great thing.

As we farewell the first half of the year the second half is always the busiest.  I know its early but all the end of year planning for Chirstmas begins now.

So to begin I am sharing the latest addition to Koko Vanilla.   These are available for purchase.  I can see these being made in lots of different colours and styles.

Perfect for your next party these cute polkadot flags, can be used as a decoration, cupcake or cake topper, lolly bag decoration. Also ideal as a scrapbooking embellishment, card topper and not to mention Christmas is only a few months away. These would look great adorning the Christmas table as a place tag wrapped on a napkin with some twine or ribbon and a name added.
Pick length measures 15cm and the length of the flag is 5cm.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Randomn Update of My Day, Yummy Food and a Good Book

Hi There Everyone,

I know I posted less than 24hrs ago and here I am again OMG!!.  I have to say this is a really randomn post and only because I am in the mood.  So often I will bake and cook and take photos of it so I can share on this blog and then of course I never get around to it.  So because we have been home this afternoon I managed to convince the kids to help me make the easiest Ricotta Gnocchi.  So here are some photos this is what's on our table for dinner tonight (these are not yet cooked by the way).  These gnocchi are so easy and quick to make it is a crime to buy them premade.

I use the usual Italian style recipe add as you go until the consistency seems right.  However if you wish to endeavour to make these you can google and hundreds of recipes will come up.  So simple and yummy and my kids love them way more than the potato gnocchi.

Of course some home made sauce to match.  I usually buy canned tomatoes and the passata and add herbs and vegies like onion, celery, carrot, parsley, garlic and let it boil/simmer away for a couple of hours.  I often do a really big batch with mince as well and then freeze for a future meal but just doing enough for tonights meal.  The sauce is bubbling away in these photos, you can't really see the steam but it looks and smells delicious.

On another note, I also feel compelled to share that I purchased this amazing book Writing Down your Soul a few weeks ago and it arrived yesterday so I have been reading last night and today on and off when I have a spare 10 minutes.  Absolutely love it.  For those of you who journal or would love to journal this is a must read.  I heard this author speak a month or so back on an internet radio show and I was sold.  If you would like to listen to the interview you can find it at Empowered Living Archives the Interview with Janet Conner May 19th 2011.  On a side note the host of this radio show Steve Maraboli is just so awesome and inspiring.  Everyone needs someone like this guy on their team. I often put his archived shows on in the background when I am creating and usually by the end of listening I am so uplifted and motivated. 

So back to this book, I know the cover looks a bit eerie but its actually a really great book if you like non fiction and are into spirituality, personal growth and healing.  If this isn't your cup of tea then give it a miss.  I have to say there are so many great books out there and I want to read them all but sometimes I think I already have so many however I am so open to learning anything new that its a bit of an addiction. 

Have a great night.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Been a While

A whole week to be exact.  First we went up to the beach for a few days over last weekend, just for some time out which was nice. Then as soon as we got back it has been busy with playovers, sleepovers, lunches, kids activities, ice-skating, movies, shopping on and on and on and the kids don't seem to get tired.

Anyway I am happy that we are nearing the end of the holidays before I completely lose it.  I think its just the altered routine with kids around and its relentless.  A home day (what's that about mum??)  Holidays are for going out what's the point of staying home.  My kids can't sit still for 5 minutes oh and if by chance they do within that 5 minutes any peace and quiet will erupt into some fight about absolutely nothing.  So yes bring on school, pleassssse....

Okay so I've had my really unprofessional mummy winge on my blog and yes I probably do it at about this stage during all the past holidays feel free to look back over my past holiday blog posts for evidence although I am sure you have better things to do with your time.

So onto craft.  I have had some time over the last couple of weeks to add some cute new items to the store

For example these cute rub ons from Basic Grey Out of Print title stickers

I have had a couple of requests for the merchant shipping tags in black so now they are a permaneant feature on site

Thick B&M Twine is now back in stock with two new colours to add to the collection

Oh and very late last night once all the kids were finally asleep I just felt like I had to sit down and just create anything, just something small because I haven't for a couple of weeks before going stir crazy from all this built up creativity that hasn't been expressed.  So here is the little midnight tag.

I have finally surrendered to another form of online distraction.  Yes I have joined Pininterest and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread but the inspiration is just so overwhelming and the best part (worst for time wasting) is that all the images link back to their original source which means you can get lost for hours discovering new blogs.

 Which leads me to add this quote which I came across a week ago just for a laugh

Am dreaming up another DIY project for the blog and I am thinking video this time.  That would be interesting.  You will have to wait and see if I have the courage to do it.  Have been toying with the idea for a while.

Anyway its late enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone. xx


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just so you know.....

I am taking a few short days to rest, relax, regroup and returned refreshed.  You may place orders but they will not be shipped until Tuesday of next week.  Oh and by the way I am not somewhere exotic like this picture (wish I was though).

Enjoy the weekend Everyone
Anna xx

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Handmade Rose Flower Cabachons

Happy Good Morning Everyone....

A gorgeous friend of mine has decided to have a go making the cutest cabochons and so I asked her if she would consider making some for the store.  I am all for supporting anyone having a go and making something handmade.  So this morning I braved the freezing cold and wind to go outside as it is really overcast here and get some decent photograps.  Well don't they often say that the best photos are taken on overcast days.  I am pretty pleased with the result and I am no professional photographer by the way, before you critique my work.  So.... anyway they are up for sale here.  The cutest embellishments ever.

Rose Flower Cabochons 14mm
Pink, Blue, Red, Pearl

These are available in packs of 16 as pictured.  If you would like only 1 colour feel free to message me in your order comments.  Also large custom listing available for weddings, birthday etc.

Hope you are surviving the school holidays.  It is hit and miss around here.  Needless to say I am looking forward to a little getaway later in the week even if only for a break from the same routine and the same four walls.


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