Monday, July 23, 2012

She Art Canvas - Mixed Media Canvas...

Happy Monday everyone,

Time to get back to some crafty posts.  I wanted to share my latest canvas creation with you all. 

She believed in love

This canvas is inspired by Christy Tomlinson's She Art collection.  The Paper Doll bits and pieces used in this canvas are available here.

I used papers and paints and inks, stamps and templates as well as texture paste to decorate the background.

The letters used are available on site.  Some may differ but will work well also.

Loved creating this..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True!!!!

Well Hello Everyone,

It has been a while and boy do I have a tale to tell.

Where do I start????  Okay here goes....

My eldest daughter is totally smiten with Justin Bieber, okay maybe a little more like totally obsessed as are thousands of other teens her age.

So Justin was gracing our shores this past weekend and my daughter has been in a frenzy for the last couple of months trying to work out how to get to see him or win tickets to one of his live events.

Fast forward to Friday of last week when she realised that she hadn't won any tickets to anything or any live gigs she was heartbroken and in tears.

Her and a friend also totally obsessed with Justin, decided to make a scrapbook of his life (okay I will take credit for the influence on this one, although it was not my idea and in fact I thought it was a complete waste of time, because lets get real he's never gonna get it...Right????)  I didn't tell them this I just thought okay just go for it at least they're having fun being creative...

They spent 10 hours over Saturday making this scrapbook, infact at 1.30am on Saturday Night/Sunday Very Early Morning I had to tell them to wind it up and go to bed, nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

Here is a picture of them working and in their matching jumpers of course.

One last piece to the puzzle is that they had been given a hint as to where he may have been staying.

The next day they set off at 9am to find the biebs... and find him they did.  Not only did they find him but they also handed a crew member the album they made and later when they saw Justin they asked if he had recieved their album and he answered to Danielle, that yes he had and it was beautiful in his amazing American accent, according to her.

To top it off my daughter and her friend were on all 3 news channels on Sunday Night.  My daughter even made the screen headline photo on Channel 9, that is her in the front looking at her idol, so funny.....

So what does this have to do with scrapbooking, not much aside from the fact that I will probably scrapbook this photo and the memories that go with it.  Also that they made an album which he may have seen, that we will never know.

However what this post is really about is........drumroll please........if you really want something bad enough, and you believe it, you feel it and you act on it, you will achieve it....... You guys know I am all about positive thinking and really being in charge of your lives, I received a lesson from my own 14 year old daughter this week to reaffirm and as a strong reminder that anything is possible.  If you are in alignment the universe will indeed conspire in your favour....

Follow Your Dreams People!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Next Generation of Scrapbookers....

A couple of times in the holidays I have had my eldest daughters friends over to make a scrapbook for one of their other friends who is celebrating a birthday soon.

I was thrilled and excited when they rang to ask about how to go about making a scrapbook as part of their birthday gift. 

Of course I invited them over and the rest is history  As you can see here they are having fun creating and I have to say it comes natural to them as well and I hope they continue to make their own albums or even to make a art life journal for themselves once this completed.

The best part is they are off their phones, interacting, creating and achieving (for a little while anyway).  Maybe those millions of photos will have a creative use after all.

Well done girls you are doing a great job and the album looks amazing and I am so proud of you for giving it a go!!!!! xox

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Card Making Video

Hey Everyone

My newest video is up.  This was a really simple card to put together, not to mention quick also.  Underneath the video is a list of supplies used and where you can find them.  Enjoy and please share the video and leave me a comment, I would love some feedback!!

Supplies used in Hot Air Balloon Video

Simple Stories Summer Fresh 4x6 Vertical Journaling Card Element
The images that I used in this video are on the reverse side of this patterned paper
Vandoros Red /White Gingham Ribbon
Green Tara Lime Green Elastic Gingham Frill
Zva Crystal Dots Rhinestones
Green Tara Gerbera 2cm Turquoise Blooms
Lime/White Bakers Twine 100m roll

Thanks for watching

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Handmade 40th Birthday Card

Hey Everyone,

How are you all on this cold and rainy sunday??

Most of us are sick here with colds again including me.  Not happy esp since its school holidays.  Oh well some codral and rest will probably nip it in the bud fairly quickly.

Anyway I wanted to pop in and share a card I made for a 40th Birthday Party we had last night.

The patterned paper I used for the background of this card pictured is Lilybeedesign Head over Heals Swoon.  Loving the vintage feel of this paper.

I didn't manage to get the video done yet as I mentioned in the last post, however some new product arrived on Thursday which I have some swirling ideas of a theme to use for the video, so definitely want to get onto it in the next couple of days while the idea is fresh.

Just to finish here is a photo of my daughter Mel who painted the canvas pictured, as part of an art group which is displayed in the National Art Gallery for a little while.  Very proud of her she is a budding little artist.

Have a great day xo


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