Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hungry For Change

Totally unrelated to anything crafty, but I felt compelled to share.  I highly recommend you clear 1 1/2 hours for yourself and watch this movie.   It is free to watch online and is full of valuable information on health and wellness in relation to the foods we eat mainly refined sugars etc.

I have just watched it this afternoon with my daughter and although I was aware of some of the topics covered in this video a lot of the information is quite confronting.

I think every child, teen and adult needs to see this video so please share.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Online Courses

Well I admit it I am officially addicted to online courses.  In my usual Aries fashion I have signed up for 4 online courses running roughly at the same time.  I had made the decision earlier this year that I would throw myself into creative expression.  For 4 main reasons:

To heal my body...
To have a clear and focused mindset...
To express what is in my soul, my true self...
To grow my business...

I believe that all of these attributes make for a better person, mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend and mentor to others.


What courses have I signed up for

One Little Word - Ali Edwards
Leonie Dawson Goddess yearly member (lots of courses on this site)
Soul Restoration - Brave Girls Club
The Art of Wild Abandonment - Scarlet Lime

The best part is that every single one of these courses combines creativity and soul discovery together.  My two favourite loves and they all do it differently.

I thoroughly recommend them all and am loving it.  You can see from the images above a couple of samples of what I have been doing.  Not perfect by any means, but that isn't point.  The point is to bypass your thinking and express yourself through your art.  This is something just for you.  Yes it is indulgent but well deserved and necessary.  If you are just getting started you will find plenty of supplies on our site to play with.  Go take a look at any of these courses and see if one of them sings out for your attention and sign up and have a go.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A quick update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know I have added a few new items to the site, amongst them some handmade cards and tags as well as a few colours of the chevron party bags in the middy size.

You find these cards on site here.  Oh and just a little reminder if you haven't already if you can take a second to vote in the poll in the sidebar of my blog.


Friday, March 23, 2012

New Hero Arts Stamps

Oh my the week has flown.  Do you ever feel like you get to Friday and look back and wonder where it went.  I have had an appointment nearly everyday this week which then cuts my work day short.

Anyway I wanted to pop in and show off some new stamps that are available on site.  I am really loving the background stamps at the moment as you can see from some of images below.

You can do so much with background stamps and they are great for the whole mixed media thing which I am into at the moment.  To have a closer look at these Hero Arts stamps go here.

I am hoping to get my next video up over the weekend so stay tuned.  I can't wait to create another one.  I now have my new camera stand which means I can point the camera directly onto my workspace  so you will be able to see exactly what I'm working on.   How exciting.  Here's to online teaching I am loving it.

Have a happy weekend everyone!!! xox

Monday, March 19, 2012

An Ebook and a Survey!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick little post today.  I am in the process of putting together my very first ebook (yay so exciting!!).  In the sidebar of my blog I have a little survey running.  I have seen several different styles of instructional ebooks of late and would love to get some feedback on what helps you to learn and what you prefer to see if you were to purchase an ebook on cardmaking or scrapbooking or anything related to creating really.

I am usually very thorough with instructions in my kits.  However I am wondering whether it is quite obvious by looking at a photo of the card what needs to be done for those of you who are fairly seasoned card makers.  Do I just need to add tips on some aspects of each card or would you prefer fully detailed instructions so you can recreate the exact card????.

The Survey will only take you a second to complete and since you are here, the survey is just in the sidebar under the heading "power blogger".  I would love your input and it is anonymous so please please, cast your opinion so I know I am providing my customers with what they really need.

Thanks so much

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Bag Kit

A New Kit

Easter Egg Hunt Bag Kit

In this Kit you will have enough supplies to make up 12 Easter Egg Hunt Bags. Each white flat bottomed bag will be decorated as per the one in the photo ready to pop Easter Treats into on Easter day. Alternatively you could make these up and fill with Easter treats gift for others.  Buy it Now.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shabby Rose Card DIY - Step by Step Instructions

This card is from our Shabby Chic Rose Kit.  This is a little sample of what you recieve when you purchase one of our card kits.  As you can see the instructions are quite detailed and the photo accompanies it, so it is easier for you the end user to make up your card.

In the kit you acutally have a photo showing the whole card but as this is an older kit I can't seem to find the photo in my files to add it here.  However you will have the whole card displayed in your instructions.


1. Using pink cardstock cut a rectangle measuring 30cm x 15cm.  Fold card in half. 

2. Cut a square from the straw paper measuring 13.8cm x 13.8cm. 

3. Attach this to the pink cardstock base in the centre. 

4. Cut 4 squares measuring 6cm x 6cm of rose patterned paper.  Two will be the gingham side of the paper and the other two will be the rose patterned.  You can use any patterned paper you have available.

5. Ink around the edges of these squraes with distress ink and sponge daubers both available on site.

6. Take the two which will be the rose pattern at the front and wrap the twine around each one, one with the green and one with the yellow.  Wrap the twine around twice starting from the front leave excess to tie up a bow at the front.  When the two ends meet at the front loop them around the twine so it creates a centre point in the twine (see picture) then make a knot and tie a bow.

Separate the twine at the edges of the square (see photo).

7. Place them all in position making sure that they all look balanced and proportioned on the yellow cardstock.  Approx ½ cm in from the edges. Alternate each paper as per photo.

8.Once attached add the flower on the bottom one.  Place the green retro flower first and then the pink gingham flower and finally the yellow circle with dimensional tape to give it lift.

9.  Ink the edge of the circle and scrunch it a little to make it look dimensional.

10. On the other gingham square place the pink circle and the sweet wishes sentiment on top.

11. Mount the sweet wishes stamped circle sentiment on dimensional tape so it is elevated.

We have an array of Card Making Kits in stock including one left of this particular kit featured above.  Buy one now and get creative at home.
Hope you enjoyed this little feature, feel free to leave me a comment.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Products and Photo A day Update - March

So excited we now have the flat bottom paper bags in stock in white.  Also we have some pure black twine and a new colour in the candy striped called peapod.  Love this green so bright.

Here are a few more days in this photo challenge.  Getting the hang of it now.

March 10th - Loud

I love music in my car one thing I couldn't live without is music playing loud whilst driving around.

March 9th - Red

March 8th - Window
this was the view outside my car window the other day

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo A Day Update - March

hmmmm a little behind.

Here are a few more days.  Will update the rest next post.

Snowed under with work atm.

March 7th - Something You Wore

March 6th  - 5pm

March 5 - A Smile

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

Happy Sunday Peeps,

I am a little behind on the March photo a day challenge as I haven't had time to upload photos over the last couple of days so here are a few more from the last couple of days..

March 2 - Fruit

March 3 - My Neighbourhood

March 4 - Bedside

This challenge if fun to play along with.  It reminds you to get the camera and capture everyday moments you would normally take for granted or ignore.  I thoroughly recommend it.

Hope your Sunday is super relaxing.  I have been doing a bit of creating today some fun stuff for my Soul Restoration Course I am doing.  Loving that too.  So glad I am investing time to do stuff that I love, it is so important.  Its all too easy to get wrapped up in the kids and all that is going on in their lives and ignore my own.  It really is worth it to follow your own dreams too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dream Big Card Making Kit & March Photo a Day

Yay finally the new kit is up on site.  check it out...

Dream Big Card Making Kit

Full of gorgeous papers and creative ideas to make up this divine set of cards and tags.  Plenty of inspirational sentiments, you will love this kit.  Buy it here.

After watching everyone else participate in FatMumSlim photo a day I have decided to play along for March.  The idea is to use the prompt for each day and take a photo of how you interpret that prompt.  There is no right or wrong it's just how you see it and opportunity to take photos of everyday moments.

To read about it or follow along you can find Chantelle's blog here

Today's prompt was UP

March 1 - Up

Well I think that's enough exciting news for today.  I am off to bed now another busy day ahead tomorrow.



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