Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shabby Rose Card DIY - Step by Step Instructions

This card is from our Shabby Chic Rose Kit.  This is a little sample of what you recieve when you purchase one of our card kits.  As you can see the instructions are quite detailed and the photo accompanies it, so it is easier for you the end user to make up your card.

In the kit you acutally have a photo showing the whole card but as this is an older kit I can't seem to find the photo in my files to add it here.  However you will have the whole card displayed in your instructions.


1. Using pink cardstock cut a rectangle measuring 30cm x 15cm.  Fold card in half. 

2. Cut a square from the straw paper measuring 13.8cm x 13.8cm. 

3. Attach this to the pink cardstock base in the centre. 

4. Cut 4 squares measuring 6cm x 6cm of rose patterned paper.  Two will be the gingham side of the paper and the other two will be the rose patterned.  You can use any patterned paper you have available.

5. Ink around the edges of these squraes with distress ink and sponge daubers both available on site.

6. Take the two which will be the rose pattern at the front and wrap the twine around each one, one with the green and one with the yellow.  Wrap the twine around twice starting from the front leave excess to tie up a bow at the front.  When the two ends meet at the front loop them around the twine so it creates a centre point in the twine (see picture) then make a knot and tie a bow.

Separate the twine at the edges of the square (see photo).

7. Place them all in position making sure that they all look balanced and proportioned on the yellow cardstock.  Approx ½ cm in from the edges. Alternate each paper as per photo.

8.Once attached add the flower on the bottom one.  Place the green retro flower first and then the pink gingham flower and finally the yellow circle with dimensional tape to give it lift.

9.  Ink the edge of the circle and scrunch it a little to make it look dimensional.

10. On the other gingham square place the pink circle and the sweet wishes sentiment on top.

11. Mount the sweet wishes stamped circle sentiment on dimensional tape so it is elevated.

We have an array of Card Making Kits in stock including one left of this particular kit featured above.  Buy one now and get creative at home.
Hope you enjoyed this little feature, feel free to leave me a comment.

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