Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

Happy Sunday Peeps,

I am a little behind on the March photo a day challenge as I haven't had time to upload photos over the last couple of days so here are a few more from the last couple of days..

March 2 - Fruit

March 3 - My Neighbourhood

March 4 - Bedside

This challenge if fun to play along with.  It reminds you to get the camera and capture everyday moments you would normally take for granted or ignore.  I thoroughly recommend it.

Hope your Sunday is super relaxing.  I have been doing a bit of creating today some fun stuff for my Soul Restoration Course I am doing.  Loving that too.  So glad I am investing time to do stuff that I love, it is so important.  Its all too easy to get wrapped up in the kids and all that is going on in their lives and ignore my own.  It really is worth it to follow your own dreams too.

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