Thursday, March 29, 2012

Online Courses

Well I admit it I am officially addicted to online courses.  In my usual Aries fashion I have signed up for 4 online courses running roughly at the same time.  I had made the decision earlier this year that I would throw myself into creative expression.  For 4 main reasons:

To heal my body...
To have a clear and focused mindset...
To express what is in my soul, my true self...
To grow my business...

I believe that all of these attributes make for a better person, mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend and mentor to others.


What courses have I signed up for

One Little Word - Ali Edwards
Leonie Dawson Goddess yearly member (lots of courses on this site)
Soul Restoration - Brave Girls Club
The Art of Wild Abandonment - Scarlet Lime

The best part is that every single one of these courses combines creativity and soul discovery together.  My two favourite loves and they all do it differently.

I thoroughly recommend them all and am loving it.  You can see from the images above a couple of samples of what I have been doing.  Not perfect by any means, but that isn't point.  The point is to bypass your thinking and express yourself through your art.  This is something just for you.  Yes it is indulgent but well deserved and necessary.  If you are just getting started you will find plenty of supplies on our site to play with.  Go take a look at any of these courses and see if one of them sings out for your attention and sign up and have a go.

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