Monday, September 27, 2010

October Afternoon - Seaside collection

Although the sun and warm weather keeps eluding us here in Melbourne, little teasers here and there but not enough to really give you that warm summery feel, here are some gorgeous papers from October Afternoon that speak of long hot days on the beach.
October Afternoon Seashore Collection

October afternoon Seaside Shape stickers 12 x 12

Seaside Collection Papers 12 x 12

We have just been away for a fews at the beach and yesterday was the warmest and sunniest day we have had in a long time. Dreaming of summer at the moment it feels like it will never come with these cold rainy days.

The papers above are all in store, including the cute stickers right at the top of the post.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holiday Update and New Arrivals from Prima and more

I had forgotten what silence sounds like, well not total silence as I can still hear the faint hum of the computer, as well as the birds singing in the distance outside and my fingers on the keyboard. These however are welcome noises. Yes its school holidays once again, and it seems here we are nearly at the end of week one and only now do I have a moment to jump online and get some new stock uploaded as well as update this blog. Only because its 6.20am and the kids are still sleeping. Don't get me wrong they have been great and we have been busy but it is really hard to sit down and concentrate with 3 busy buzzing bees in the form of children fluffing here and there. So I figured now is the time and I know it won't last long to just sit and type and load. This week I have recieved a box of even more gorgeous goodies and more stock for our latest card kit as they were running low so I can now make plenty more kits up.

I must saying opening the box of goodies from Aussie Scrap Source and looking at all the new supplies just made me gasp. I was saying to my husband last night, there are just so many new supplies being constantly released and it seems the new products, designs and ideas just keep coming and they are all more beautiful than the next and how do they continously think of new designs.

So here goes first up

Twiddleybitz Ornate Frame Set pk

7 Gypsies Padding Chipboard Alphabet and Number Set Pk 60

There are plenty of papers that I will be loading later today. You can always find anything new here.

Have a great day


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Beautiful Boy

You are my adorable baby boy, who is no longer a baby, but you are my youngest and so to me you still are my little one. You are cute and mischeavious, kind and funny, cheeky and adorable. You are inquisitive and sensitive. You are also mum's little angel. You aim to please but then you also challenge the boundries. You have a kind heart and thoughtful mind. You love making funny faces when mum has taken 10 photos to get it right but you just thrive on acting like a clown. You can get angry and defiant but come and give me hugs and kisses just because. You keep saying you will buy mum the car she really wants when you grow up. You can be a little cheeky at school, but with guidance, love and motivational people around you who care the cheekiness really disguises the stimulation you crave to learn and become who you were mean't to be. You are everything and more that a mother could want in her son. Be yourself and listen to your inner guidance always, if there is anything you take from being a child be it those two things. Happy Birthday!! Love Mum xx

Friday, September 17, 2010

Motherhood - Are you Over it??

Just in time for the Melbourne school holidays and Sunny Mummy has written an excellent and informative post about Motherhood. I encourage you all to click the link and take a read.
Whether you are a mother struggling to find that perfect balance in life for yourself or even one that is coping but just feels a little undervalued by her family, head on over and take a read. After all any encouragement we can give each other on this journey called life is beneficial.
I have the image above set as my computer background. I am big on affirmations. Sometimes it is hard to stop that persistant negative voice we all have in our heads, don't fight it, that takes too much effort just replace it with a kind and loving message, eventually you will retrain your brain to think positive and happy thoughts rather than negative and self diminshing thoughts. Just remember though to retrain the brain you must say these affirmations over and over and over, as many times as you think of saying it throughout the day, as well as writing them down and taking actions to support your affirmation. Its not a quick fix, but then is anything. Of course a month of doing affirmations will absolutely have you on the path to feeling more positive and manifesting your desires.
Happy Spring Holidays!
Anna xx

Monday, September 13, 2010

New E.K Success Punches in Store - My Masterchef Moment

I have recieved a reorder of some of the punches that were out of stock and a couple of newbies have also arrived. As you know I am all for cutting your own shapes out, saves so much money in the long run, you can cut as many as you like. Compared to purchasing premade embellishments which seem to be getting more and more expensive. Take a sneak peak up above at some of the new punches that have arrived. One of them is the new E.K Slim punch (the butterfly). So excited at how the punches have evolved over time. Not to mention easier to use and more efficient to store. I also wanted to mention that I have reduced all the Punch Bunch Punches they are now all on sale as I am phasing these out of the store and won't be reording them. Some only have 1 left in stock. Great time to get one on sale.
Finally I want to make a mention and this is more on a personal level. I sat down to watch Junior Masterchef last night with my children. I was completely in awe of those kids, motivated, determined, focused and confident. I am sure there would have been heaps of editing going on behind the scenes to bring us the finished product for tv viewing, regardless some of those meals are ones I haven't even attempted. It goes to show when we take kids off computers, T.V and computer games and teach them life skills, give them a sense of purpose a chance to find fulfillment in whatever it is they do, whether it is cooking, craft, gardening, building, anything that requires putting their energy into achieving something that finally has a net result, a finished product, something to be proud of.
Technology leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to this. Doing things in virtual reality whether its games or chatting on facebook, cannot and will not ever compare to actually participating in life and speaking face to face. Wow what a life lesson just from watching a cooking show. Let's hope parents get the lesson here more than the kids, because kids are a product of their parents anyway, get involved with your kids, be present and participate in life with them. Your time and love for your children is worth more than you could ever buy for them. Inspiring them to be creative and imaginative from young children will come back to bless you 100 times.
Anna xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newly Released Card Making Kit - Shabby Chic Cottage Rose

Wow its been a long time coming. But finally it's here. My favourite kit so far, all my favourite colours and shabbiness, love love it. Grab yourself a kit today you will enjoy creating these cards immensly. They are almost too good to give away!

designed by Anna Pontikis
exclusive to Koko Vanilla Designs


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blissful - A new Free Mini Kit



Free with any purchase $55 or over before postage or can be purchased also as an individual kit. Find it here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Can you guess what I am working on??

I really despise taking photos at night and you can see why, pretty ordinary quality. I really haven't mastered the art of evening photography, maybe its just because I am not properly set up nor do I know what it is I need to do to create a great photo in this setting. I'm sure a light box would be a great start, however it is just easier to photograph in the daylight. annnnnyway....
I have had a bit of an ordinary week with sick kids at home and I have felt a little under the weather, actually a lot under the weather myself. ((Big Sigh here!!!)) I am so over feeling crap. However, I am sure with Spring now here everything starts to look brighter and feel brighter and we will all be feeling healthy and full of bubbly energy in no time.
I will be the first to send out some sunny rays into the universe and kick the winter blues to the curb with a little giveaway. Leave me a comment on this post and tell me what it is I am working on in the photos above and I will pick a winner who answers correctly to recieve a freebie pack of craft goodies in the mail valued at $20. As I am feeling like being extra extra kind this is opened to all you overseas blog peeps also.
Anna xx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

80th Birthday Invites & The first day of Spring

Here in Melbourne its gloomy, cloudy, raining (we need the rain I know), cold and certainly not a picture of spring. I have just returned from doing a step class to warm me up. I am now super energised, certainly warm (for now anyway) and ready to put in a solid day of work. I have plenty of gorgeous new supplies to brighten up my day and keep me busy for a little while anyway. August was such a worldwind month, lots of new wonderful customers coming my way. Everyone happy with their purchases so it's great to get feedback especially about the personalised service. I try and keep the testimonial page on site updated but sometimes I forget when I get lovely comments and of course not everyone makes the effort to send me a note. However I love recieving your beautiful comments and of course for those customers that pick up directly from me its always nice to have a chat and see what projects you are doing and how you are using your supplies. I have been supplying products lately for weddings and birthday celebrations, which is fabulous, ribbons and twines and die-cut shapes. That function market is a whole area I would love to delve in and I do from time to time, however I think I would need another Anna and an extra 24 hours in the day to hit this industry full on. Maybe one day....

Speaking of functions last weekend I spent a few hours with my big sister making up some beautiful invitations for my mums 80th birthday celebration. As my sister was only down from China for a few days I had already designed the invite and had the supplies ready to go. Here is a look at what I created. Truth be told I love designing but the thought of creating the same invite 100 times over is where unfortunately my patience ends. I will do it for special occasions or special customers. I would rather design for you and then send you all the supplies to make up your own invites. I am always willing to design something specialised for you so feel free to contact me if you need creative services in this way.

In any case my mum was absolutely delighted with these. The paper used on these cards is from The girls paperie, a new company. Just gorgeous paper. A little tip I am using another paper from their range in the new card kit I am currently designing. The papers will also be available on site for purchase shortly.

Okay I am off to get some more work done.

Enjoy the first day of September.

Anna x


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