Wednesday, September 1, 2010

80th Birthday Invites & The first day of Spring

Here in Melbourne its gloomy, cloudy, raining (we need the rain I know), cold and certainly not a picture of spring. I have just returned from doing a step class to warm me up. I am now super energised, certainly warm (for now anyway) and ready to put in a solid day of work. I have plenty of gorgeous new supplies to brighten up my day and keep me busy for a little while anyway. August was such a worldwind month, lots of new wonderful customers coming my way. Everyone happy with their purchases so it's great to get feedback especially about the personalised service. I try and keep the testimonial page on site updated but sometimes I forget when I get lovely comments and of course not everyone makes the effort to send me a note. However I love recieving your beautiful comments and of course for those customers that pick up directly from me its always nice to have a chat and see what projects you are doing and how you are using your supplies. I have been supplying products lately for weddings and birthday celebrations, which is fabulous, ribbons and twines and die-cut shapes. That function market is a whole area I would love to delve in and I do from time to time, however I think I would need another Anna and an extra 24 hours in the day to hit this industry full on. Maybe one day....

Speaking of functions last weekend I spent a few hours with my big sister making up some beautiful invitations for my mums 80th birthday celebration. As my sister was only down from China for a few days I had already designed the invite and had the supplies ready to go. Here is a look at what I created. Truth be told I love designing but the thought of creating the same invite 100 times over is where unfortunately my patience ends. I will do it for special occasions or special customers. I would rather design for you and then send you all the supplies to make up your own invites. I am always willing to design something specialised for you so feel free to contact me if you need creative services in this way.

In any case my mum was absolutely delighted with these. The paper used on these cards is from The girls paperie, a new company. Just gorgeous paper. A little tip I am using another paper from their range in the new card kit I am currently designing. The papers will also be available on site for purchase shortly.

Okay I am off to get some more work done.

Enjoy the first day of September.

Anna x

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