Monday, September 13, 2010

New E.K Success Punches in Store - My Masterchef Moment

I have recieved a reorder of some of the punches that were out of stock and a couple of newbies have also arrived. As you know I am all for cutting your own shapes out, saves so much money in the long run, you can cut as many as you like. Compared to purchasing premade embellishments which seem to be getting more and more expensive. Take a sneak peak up above at some of the new punches that have arrived. One of them is the new E.K Slim punch (the butterfly). So excited at how the punches have evolved over time. Not to mention easier to use and more efficient to store. I also wanted to mention that I have reduced all the Punch Bunch Punches they are now all on sale as I am phasing these out of the store and won't be reording them. Some only have 1 left in stock. Great time to get one on sale.
Finally I want to make a mention and this is more on a personal level. I sat down to watch Junior Masterchef last night with my children. I was completely in awe of those kids, motivated, determined, focused and confident. I am sure there would have been heaps of editing going on behind the scenes to bring us the finished product for tv viewing, regardless some of those meals are ones I haven't even attempted. It goes to show when we take kids off computers, T.V and computer games and teach them life skills, give them a sense of purpose a chance to find fulfillment in whatever it is they do, whether it is cooking, craft, gardening, building, anything that requires putting their energy into achieving something that finally has a net result, a finished product, something to be proud of.
Technology leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to this. Doing things in virtual reality whether its games or chatting on facebook, cannot and will not ever compare to actually participating in life and speaking face to face. Wow what a life lesson just from watching a cooking show. Let's hope parents get the lesson here more than the kids, because kids are a product of their parents anyway, get involved with your kids, be present and participate in life with them. Your time and love for your children is worth more than you could ever buy for them. Inspiring them to be creative and imaginative from young children will come back to bless you 100 times.
Anna xx

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