Friday, September 17, 2010

Motherhood - Are you Over it??

Just in time for the Melbourne school holidays and Sunny Mummy has written an excellent and informative post about Motherhood. I encourage you all to click the link and take a read.
Whether you are a mother struggling to find that perfect balance in life for yourself or even one that is coping but just feels a little undervalued by her family, head on over and take a read. After all any encouragement we can give each other on this journey called life is beneficial.
I have the image above set as my computer background. I am big on affirmations. Sometimes it is hard to stop that persistant negative voice we all have in our heads, don't fight it, that takes too much effort just replace it with a kind and loving message, eventually you will retrain your brain to think positive and happy thoughts rather than negative and self diminshing thoughts. Just remember though to retrain the brain you must say these affirmations over and over and over, as many times as you think of saying it throughout the day, as well as writing them down and taking actions to support your affirmation. Its not a quick fix, but then is anything. Of course a month of doing affirmations will absolutely have you on the path to feeling more positive and manifesting your desires.
Happy Spring Holidays!
Anna xx

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