Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holiday Update and New Arrivals from Prima and more

I had forgotten what silence sounds like, well not total silence as I can still hear the faint hum of the computer, as well as the birds singing in the distance outside and my fingers on the keyboard. These however are welcome noises. Yes its school holidays once again, and it seems here we are nearly at the end of week one and only now do I have a moment to jump online and get some new stock uploaded as well as update this blog. Only because its 6.20am and the kids are still sleeping. Don't get me wrong they have been great and we have been busy but it is really hard to sit down and concentrate with 3 busy buzzing bees in the form of children fluffing here and there. So I figured now is the time and I know it won't last long to just sit and type and load. This week I have recieved a box of even more gorgeous goodies and more stock for our latest card kit as they were running low so I can now make plenty more kits up.

I must saying opening the box of goodies from Aussie Scrap Source and looking at all the new supplies just made me gasp. I was saying to my husband last night, there are just so many new supplies being constantly released and it seems the new products, designs and ideas just keep coming and they are all more beautiful than the next and how do they continously think of new designs.

So here goes first up

Twiddleybitz Ornate Frame Set pk

7 Gypsies Padding Chipboard Alphabet and Number Set Pk 60

There are plenty of papers that I will be loading later today. You can always find anything new here.

Have a great day


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