Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Beautiful Boy

You are my adorable baby boy, who is no longer a baby, but you are my youngest and so to me you still are my little one. You are cute and mischeavious, kind and funny, cheeky and adorable. You are inquisitive and sensitive. You are also mum's little angel. You aim to please but then you also challenge the boundries. You have a kind heart and thoughtful mind. You love making funny faces when mum has taken 10 photos to get it right but you just thrive on acting like a clown. You can get angry and defiant but come and give me hugs and kisses just because. You keep saying you will buy mum the car she really wants when you grow up. You can be a little cheeky at school, but with guidance, love and motivational people around you who care the cheekiness really disguises the stimulation you crave to learn and become who you were mean't to be. You are everything and more that a mother could want in her son. Be yourself and listen to your inner guidance always, if there is anything you take from being a child be it those two things. Happy Birthday!! Love Mum xx

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