Friday, October 30, 2009

Just popping in for an update and New Kaisercraft

Well I had BIG intentions this week, to get heaps done. However the universe had other plans. I have had kids home sick for the last 3 days including today, my mobile isn't working (so if you have been trying to contact me please do so by email). So today is day 3 of sick kids at home and I am over it to say the least.... I have been going full speed ahead and cleaning and disinfecting the whole house, I have candles on, music on, a bottle of euclyptus, anything to make me feel lighter and brighter and the house germ free and smelling beautifully clean.
Oh.... and the doorbell just rang as I type and my order from kaisercraft has arrived, so that is sure to lift my spirits just a little more, as there will be some gorgeous new products in that box.
So back to the ills for just a brief second, my sons class only has approx 5 kids left in it this morning, they have been consecutively dropping like flies all week, with a stomach bug. Not sure if this is a state wide thing or just in our little community. In any case its bad timing since today is World teachers day, so to all the teachers out there, Happy Teachers Day!! I hope you have a lovely day and have been shown some appreciation in some form or another. Teachers are special, I don't know how they do it. I personally couldn't imagine spending my day teaching kids, but maybe that's the result of being a parent, as I have them the rest of the time, so my days are sacred just for me for those precious 6 hours that seem to fly by ever so quickly.
I have decided that since I have this box sitting here I thought I might show you just some of the gorgeous products that I will hopefully upload very soon. My son is watching a movie and having a bit of chill out time so I may be able to get some of this product on site.

Christmas Carnival Stamps

These stamps are just gorgeous and so festive and such good value from Kaisercraft, so great to purchase Australian Products minus the US expenses to get things shipped here. These stamps actually come in the plastic resealable bag you see pictured, hooray someone has thought of a way to keep your clear stamps together in a container that lasts as long as the stamps themselves.
How about a vintage Christmas!!
Dear Santa Collection Hoola Hoop
Vintage Patterned Paper 12" x 12"

Okay well I am off to keep loading on site. There are new Rub Ons and more papers, pearls etc, so to view it all it will be in the New Arrivals Dept.

It is raining and overcast here in Melbourne but still warm. Not sure if the sun will peak through, it would be nice if it did though.

Happy Day!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

I Love Etsy - Life is Sweet

Image taken from Creative Paper Trail Store Etsy

If you haven't heard of Etsy yet, then where have you been?????
Okay I'll cut you some slack if you live in Australia, I know its not all that well know around here unless of course you are in with the handmade hub.
So if you haven't heard of Etsy, it is a huge online site for all things handmade. On it you will find crafters or every kind selling their wares, kind of like a huge craft market at the tip of your fingers, no trudging out to markets on early Sunday mornings, although that is fun as well.
So why the post about Etsy?? Well I do buy from Etsy here and there, I just love the orginal handmade items, plus love supporting other artists worldwide. So today I was very excited to recieve my package all the way from Orlando, from one of my favourite stores Creative Paper Trail. I have many favourites, in fact a really long list of favourites, funnily enough I was at my sister-in-law's place the other night and we were comparing favourites and I laughed becuase I thought I had the longest list of Etsy favourites in my folder, but I think she won hands down.

Anyway, I purchased the most gorgeous pincushion pictured above, of course I didn't purchase it to use as a pincushion as I am not really into sewing although would love to be. I purchased it because well firstly how sweet is it, so gorgeous I couldn't resist, and also becuase I love what it says. It now has a permaneant place in my craft space where I can see it and is a great reminder that life really is what we make it and if we choose to focus on all the positive instead of the negative we will attract more of it. I am really trying to fill my creative space with inspiring and positive messages. So seeing this cute little cushion is a reminder of one of my daily affirmations "Life is Sweet".
To my delight there was also a cute set of 3 little Christmas tags (pictured below) in the pack as a bonus. How adorable. So unexpected and so very generous thanks so much Creative Paper Trail. If you haven't seen this store yet head on over and take a look. I know listing are usually only once a week, usually on a Sunday for us here is Australia. Items sell pretty much right away, so if you are interested in purchasing something I suggest you be on line on a Sunday morning. To see some of the other items in this store you can always go to the sales button on the store home page and see all the sold items to get an idea of the sort of items available. My pincushion took about 10 days to arrive so allow for postage time to recieve it. Here is a look at the sales page for the previous items sold

Okay I have just realised it is 3.20pm must go and get the kiddies. Time to start that part of the day.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little bit of Sunday Inspiration.....

Just popping in ever so quickly on this Sunday afternoon, as I am busy clearing and cleaning and trying to keep the kids happy and busy in the meantine (not an easy task). Whilst clearing out some stuff my daughter found an exercise book of mine, tucked somewhere in the bookshelf. It was a book of notes and quotes that I used to write in, inspirational sayings or words that I would find whilst reading that I thought I would like to refer to some day.

Here is something in that little book which I thought I would share. A quote which for me is relevant at this time in my life. A time when I am trying to create new beliefs and not always divert to the same old thoughts and of course the same old beliefs which then lead to the same old patterns.

" Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe." Author St. Augustine.

Just to simplify it in normal language in case you need it, in order to manifest what you are wishing for, you first have to believe you already have it. Then you will see evidence of it. I know this seems like doing things the wrong way around, but it is apparently the key.

I am not going any deeper with this little quote as I could be here for hours explaining the ins and outs and all the questions it may raise as there are heaps of books out there which do this adequately.

I personally love the Esther and Jerry Hicks books I have most of the collection and a few of the CD's and I just love listening to them and reading them, I highly recommend them if you are into self improvement. If this little quote has struck a cord with you then you were meant to read it.

Okay back to reality, my little moment of peace has ended, kids are now all asking for things at once, must go!!

Happy Pondering.
If in doubt just scrap, it always makes you feel good!! LOL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brand New Making Memories Mistletoe Range of Christmas Papers

Making Memories
Mistletoe Range
Holly Leaf Foil

Foil Stripe

Big Green Dot


Glitter Big Red Dot

Poinsettia Flocked

Glitter Music Note
These papers are just gorgeous and some of them are glittered or flocked.
To purchase these Christmas papers in this range go here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A morning of creating and some new supplies

Look at these gorgeous new papers up on site from Doodlebug Designs. I have had a wonderful morning playing around with these stunning papers, amongst other supplies available from the website.

I decided it was time to just forget all the jobs that needed to be done and focus on creating for a little while. I was prompted by the fact that International Teachers Day is coming up next week and I have once again been inundated with card orders from around the school for individual teacher thank you cards. So armed with new supplies, a goal in mind and a long overdue need to be creative I was off on a roll.

Not just a card, but a layout and a tag, impressive hah!! Of course I still have many more cards to go as I did get sidetracked by the other items, but I am pleased with what I did achieve and it does go to show that sometimes new supplies and a spare couple of hours are all you need to get your mojo back.
Bliss Layout

so in love with those Hambly Chandelier rub ons. Can you believe this is the first time I have used them and oh they are so divine. You can find them in the Rub ons dept on site

Thank You Card

Happy Birthday Tag

Up on site for purchase here

how adorable are these papers. Perfect for cards, invitiations, lolly bags, thank you tags, bonbonierri, Christening, First Birthday, Cupcake Toppers okay I'll stop now I am getting carried away. Can you tell I love this paper!!

Here are what the whole sheets of papers look like from Doodlebug Design

Sweet Treats

Ice Cream Parlour

Cuppy Cakes

All available to purchase on site here.

Just a quick mention lots of new Christmas Supplies loaded in the last week and more to come I am waiting on an order that I thought would arrive today but at this stage will be here tomorrow. Check back soon, crisp new 2009 Christmas Papers on their way. Time to get in early and get started on your Xmas Crafts.


Friday, October 9, 2009

A Joyful Christmas Gift Tag Kit

Twas the Night before Christmas
Koko Vanilla Edition

Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house
The children were sleeping soundly, Even her spouse!

All you could hear was the faint crackling of paper, as gifts were lovingly wrapped
"Oh no!", She cried, "I've done it again", Those Christmas tags that she hadn't yet scraped.

It was close to midnight, Where would she begin
To not have handmade gift tags, was surely a great sin!!

Find all her supplies and try to create
How could she enjoy this in such a tired state
Punches she could not use as they made to much clatter
Her husband awoke to ask what was the matter?

She knew what he'd say and so she spoke not a word
But shuffled him back to bed, when a funny thought occured
"I'm sure I bought a Christmas Gift tag kit not long ago, from Koko Vanilla Designs."
As she dug through the pile on her desk, there it was sparkling bright the gift tags kit with red and white twine

Finally her gifts would be perfectly complete
Just as she hoped and they would look so sweet!

I hope you enjoyed my little rendition of Twas the night before Christmas. I have had a few of these experiences and that's why I am getting in early this year. I know it seems so soon to be thinking about Christmas, although I have seen Christmas Decorations appearing already in Shops, however, it's not early if you are making Christmas Crafts.

I have designed a little something to help you out with your wrapping. Purchase your paper to match the gorgeous tags in this kit, grab a kit make a start on your tags. If you complete 2 or 3 each week and you will see them done well before Christmas, it's time to be organised and prepared.

This kit is a little different from the others in that you will be making several of the same tag. It's more about quantity with Christmas tags, of course not skimping on the wow factor however.

This kit comes with all the supplies to complete 10 each of both designs, 20 in total. As a bonus gift I am adding 34 metres of Red and White Candy Striped Bakers Twine to each kit so that you can wrap your gifts beautifully like those pictured above. Here is a snippet of some of the supplies you will recieve in your kit. Note that the tags are quite large they measure 12cm x 8cm so there is plenty of room on the back to write your special Christmas message.
To view and purchase this kit go here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Again!!!! .... A New Free Mini Craft Kit

Island Paradise - Free Mini Kit October
When you spend $50 or more before postage

Wow its been a while, this poor neglected blog. I guess when you spend your life multitasking between 3 children and an online business, as well as everything else thrown in, something always gets neglected and sorry to say it's this little blog (just between you and me its the ironing pile as well) shhh... don't tell anyone, its my little secret tucked away in the laundry.. LOL. I'm sure we all have one of those.
I have so many ideas of what I would love to blog about here but time eludes me. However I am going to try to post every couple of days, even if it is a short post. It really is my personal challenge to step outside of myself and do things that I wouldn't normally, just to take a break from the daily routine.
I thought I would show you a couple of new items in the shop that I have created. So loving using my products at the moment when I have time. I really don't know what I would do without my craft desk and supplies. I really feel like I am in my element when I am creating. Music up loud, a coffee on my desk and create, create, create!! Here is the result of some of those creative sessions...

Sweet Baboushka Polkadot Circle Gift tags

Happy Birthday Blossom Gift tag

To find these and lots more handmade papercrafts go here.

Finally just a quick mention, in case you didn't notice at the top of the page, a new free mini kit is now available. It is super cute. I left out one of the items when photographing however you will still recieve it in your kit a quarter piece of vintage lace paper. So divine, free with any purchase $50 or more before postage. Back with more in a day or so !! Check back Soon.




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