Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little bit of Sunday Inspiration.....

Just popping in ever so quickly on this Sunday afternoon, as I am busy clearing and cleaning and trying to keep the kids happy and busy in the meantine (not an easy task). Whilst clearing out some stuff my daughter found an exercise book of mine, tucked somewhere in the bookshelf. It was a book of notes and quotes that I used to write in, inspirational sayings or words that I would find whilst reading that I thought I would like to refer to some day.

Here is something in that little book which I thought I would share. A quote which for me is relevant at this time in my life. A time when I am trying to create new beliefs and not always divert to the same old thoughts and of course the same old beliefs which then lead to the same old patterns.

" Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe." Author St. Augustine.

Just to simplify it in normal language in case you need it, in order to manifest what you are wishing for, you first have to believe you already have it. Then you will see evidence of it. I know this seems like doing things the wrong way around, but it is apparently the key.

I am not going any deeper with this little quote as I could be here for hours explaining the ins and outs and all the questions it may raise as there are heaps of books out there which do this adequately.

I personally love the Esther and Jerry Hicks books I have most of the collection and a few of the CD's and I just love listening to them and reading them, I highly recommend them if you are into self improvement. If this little quote has struck a cord with you then you were meant to read it.

Okay back to reality, my little moment of peace has ended, kids are now all asking for things at once, must go!!

Happy Pondering.
If in doubt just scrap, it always makes you feel good!! LOL

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