Monday, October 26, 2009

I Love Etsy - Life is Sweet

Image taken from Creative Paper Trail Store Etsy

If you haven't heard of Etsy yet, then where have you been?????
Okay I'll cut you some slack if you live in Australia, I know its not all that well know around here unless of course you are in with the handmade hub.
So if you haven't heard of Etsy, it is a huge online site for all things handmade. On it you will find crafters or every kind selling their wares, kind of like a huge craft market at the tip of your fingers, no trudging out to markets on early Sunday mornings, although that is fun as well.
So why the post about Etsy?? Well I do buy from Etsy here and there, I just love the orginal handmade items, plus love supporting other artists worldwide. So today I was very excited to recieve my package all the way from Orlando, from one of my favourite stores Creative Paper Trail. I have many favourites, in fact a really long list of favourites, funnily enough I was at my sister-in-law's place the other night and we were comparing favourites and I laughed becuase I thought I had the longest list of Etsy favourites in my folder, but I think she won hands down.

Anyway, I purchased the most gorgeous pincushion pictured above, of course I didn't purchase it to use as a pincushion as I am not really into sewing although would love to be. I purchased it because well firstly how sweet is it, so gorgeous I couldn't resist, and also becuase I love what it says. It now has a permaneant place in my craft space where I can see it and is a great reminder that life really is what we make it and if we choose to focus on all the positive instead of the negative we will attract more of it. I am really trying to fill my creative space with inspiring and positive messages. So seeing this cute little cushion is a reminder of one of my daily affirmations "Life is Sweet".
To my delight there was also a cute set of 3 little Christmas tags (pictured below) in the pack as a bonus. How adorable. So unexpected and so very generous thanks so much Creative Paper Trail. If you haven't seen this store yet head on over and take a look. I know listing are usually only once a week, usually on a Sunday for us here is Australia. Items sell pretty much right away, so if you are interested in purchasing something I suggest you be on line on a Sunday morning. To see some of the other items in this store you can always go to the sales button on the store home page and see all the sold items to get an idea of the sort of items available. My pincushion took about 10 days to arrive so allow for postage time to recieve it. Here is a look at the sales page for the previous items sold

Okay I have just realised it is 3.20pm must go and get the kiddies. Time to start that part of the day.


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