Friday, October 30, 2009

Just popping in for an update and New Kaisercraft

Well I had BIG intentions this week, to get heaps done. However the universe had other plans. I have had kids home sick for the last 3 days including today, my mobile isn't working (so if you have been trying to contact me please do so by email). So today is day 3 of sick kids at home and I am over it to say the least.... I have been going full speed ahead and cleaning and disinfecting the whole house, I have candles on, music on, a bottle of euclyptus, anything to make me feel lighter and brighter and the house germ free and smelling beautifully clean.
Oh.... and the doorbell just rang as I type and my order from kaisercraft has arrived, so that is sure to lift my spirits just a little more, as there will be some gorgeous new products in that box.
So back to the ills for just a brief second, my sons class only has approx 5 kids left in it this morning, they have been consecutively dropping like flies all week, with a stomach bug. Not sure if this is a state wide thing or just in our little community. In any case its bad timing since today is World teachers day, so to all the teachers out there, Happy Teachers Day!! I hope you have a lovely day and have been shown some appreciation in some form or another. Teachers are special, I don't know how they do it. I personally couldn't imagine spending my day teaching kids, but maybe that's the result of being a parent, as I have them the rest of the time, so my days are sacred just for me for those precious 6 hours that seem to fly by ever so quickly.
I have decided that since I have this box sitting here I thought I might show you just some of the gorgeous products that I will hopefully upload very soon. My son is watching a movie and having a bit of chill out time so I may be able to get some of this product on site.

Christmas Carnival Stamps

These stamps are just gorgeous and so festive and such good value from Kaisercraft, so great to purchase Australian Products minus the US expenses to get things shipped here. These stamps actually come in the plastic resealable bag you see pictured, hooray someone has thought of a way to keep your clear stamps together in a container that lasts as long as the stamps themselves.
How about a vintage Christmas!!
Dear Santa Collection Hoola Hoop
Vintage Patterned Paper 12" x 12"

Okay well I am off to keep loading on site. There are new Rub Ons and more papers, pearls etc, so to view it all it will be in the New Arrivals Dept.

It is raining and overcast here in Melbourne but still warm. Not sure if the sun will peak through, it would be nice if it did though.

Happy Day!!


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