Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Verdict on Halloween

Back again, wow it's been 3 or 4 posts this week. Can you tell I've been home far too much this week. Do you know that feeling when you just want to be out all day, I usually love being home but I think these last few days of being at home with kids, I just need to be around other people and out of the house. In about 4 weeks I will probably be saying the exact opposite but oh well!! Also posting for my own amusement as I have been up since 5am and well trying not to make too much noise so no one else gets up early.

This leads me to my next point Halloween. This has been the first official year I have stalked the streets with my kids and I say stalked because that's what it feels like for a whole one and half hours. I believe that if you want to teach your kids to be really good at cold calling in the future then trick or treating is a good way to start. I'm not sure if it was my private school upbringing or just my personality but I must say I am happy not to do that again. I know kids are innocent and have no inhabitions but I on the other hand felt like I should have just had a business card in hand since my kids were doing all the ground work so easily why not just pop over a business card at the same time. Instead I just waited in the background on the street far enough away to make sure my kids were safe whilst pretending that well they weren't my kids.

Okay the responses were mixed from - I've lived here for 10 years and no one has ever done halloween here, to pumpkins lit in the front yard in the dark (i must say it looked awesome) to we live in Australia not America (as I walked away I thought to myself well kids are kids wherever they are) to your in luck we had a birthday party here today, here's a lolly bag (jackpot!!) to finally the few neighbours I had collaborated with that we would be passing by each others houses that had plenty of lolly stashes waiting. Having said all that those 3 pumpkin buckets were full by the end.

Final verdict, unless everyone's doing it I'd rather give it a miss. As we passed some people on the street, a passerby said laughingly, 'its okay the novelty passes quickly', let's hope by next year its well and truly passed.
So I hope your Halloween was just as entertaining it was certainly a learning curve for me. We would never have been allowed to do that whilst I was growing up given my strict Italian background. How things have changed!!
Well I am off to continue preparations for our school fair next Saturday. I will be back with some photos of all the fun stuff I am doing like, creating, packing, pricing, organising oh and did I mention stressing out. Just breathe, all is well, this too shall pass. That is my mantra for this week.
Happy Sunday to all

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