Saturday, November 21, 2009

Be Merry and Shop Till You Drop!

Be Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I wanted to pop in and tell you that these gorgeous Christmas Gift tags are now available in the shop. You can find them here. These tags measure 6cm x 6cm, plenty of space on the back for your personal Christmas message. Your Christmas Gift Wrapping will look just so adorable with these tags. Beautifully handmade using great quality supplies.

Now onto the second part of my title, which is a bit long and not really craft related. Okay my title is about two separate topics, but I thought that well as a title it does go and well it certainly is true most of the time, shopping can be fun, except when well you are spending hours walking in and out of shops with your 11 yr old daughter (who is far too fussy for her age) shopping for graduation dresses. Today we spent a couple of hours doing this and its' not the first time, so the novelty has worn to say the least. To all the dress designers out there, if you want to make some cash, hello, why can't anybody see this. There is nothing out there for these young girls to wear aged 11 - 13 that is also appropriate and fits well. The younger aged clothes are well too childish and the teenage clothes are either far too skanky, (can I say that on this blog), or just very ordinary and completely overpriced for the flimsiest of fabric. So overall between last week and this week we went in and out of about 30 shops, tried on several dresses, none of which were a perfect fit. Now don't get me wrong I am more than happy to pay for a dress that fits perfectly, so it's not really about the money, moreso its about the fact that there really is nothing out there.

Having said this I must say that a few months back I bought my daugter a gorgeous dress from Forever New for a dance that we had to attend and I said to here no pressure but she could also wear it to her graduation down the track, however it was strapless, but very pretty. Well a few months down the track and now closer to graduation day, apparently no strapless dresses are allowed according my daughter's teacher. So here we are back on the hunt again, for a new dress, with straps, that fits a petite 11 yr old. I am stressing far more than she is, because as a mum I don't want the last minute tantrums over a dress.

So I have had my little vent here which I don't do often, but I don't get it why can no one see that these girls need dresses to suit their figures and no they don't really have boobs yet, which knocks out 95% of the teenage style dresses out there. I'm sure there are plenty of other mums out there going through the same thing.

Gee I thought shopping for and with my husband was a nightmare (which it is), but this just as bad if not worse. We have about 3 weeks to go to find something, and I think I have run out of shopping centres. I think Chadstone might be next on the list or even Bridge Rd, Richmond, but I am just thinking it will all be the same stuff.

To change the subject entirely, I must say it's so nice to have some cooler weather here in Melbourne, I don't mind warm sunny days, but when it's hot continuously for a few days it's a bit overwhelming. So I am enjoying the cool air. Hope you are having a nice Saturday night. I am off now to watch a movie with the kids and chill out!


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