Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Handmade Rose Flower Cabachons

Happy Good Morning Everyone....

A gorgeous friend of mine has decided to have a go making the cutest cabochons and so I asked her if she would consider making some for the store.  I am all for supporting anyone having a go and making something handmade.  So this morning I braved the freezing cold and wind to go outside as it is really overcast here and get some decent photograps.  Well don't they often say that the best photos are taken on overcast days.  I am pretty pleased with the result and I am no professional photographer by the way, before you critique my work.  So.... anyway they are up for sale here.  The cutest embellishments ever.

Rose Flower Cabochons 14mm
Pink, Blue, Red, Pearl

These are available in packs of 16 as pictured.  If you would like only 1 colour feel free to message me in your order comments.  Also large custom listing available for weddings, birthday etc.

Hope you are surviving the school holidays.  It is hit and miss around here.  Needless to say I am looking forward to a little getaway later in the week even if only for a break from the same routine and the same four walls.

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