Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cupcakes & Butterflies Card Making Kit

Hi Everyone

Just popping in to share our newest kit.  This one is great for beginners as it is a smaller card kit and great for those of you that want to sample what the kits are like.  However.... having said that it is still great for all the seasoned (experienced) card makers.

take a looksy...

Cupcakes & Butterflies Card Making Kit

Today was the last day of term for two of my kids.  Holiday time again.  It will be nice having a break to be honest from all the running around.  We have an activity every night of the week between my 3 kids and then Saturday's as well.  So even though there is more entertaining and supervising at least it will be at a more relaxed pace.  I'm hoping anway.  Oh and if you would like a fun way to keep the kids entertained we have a very popular card kit for kids.  You can purchase one for the kids and the one above for yourself and enjoy some quality creative time together.  Perfect for a cold and rainy afternoon.  Kits can be themed for boys as well.

Back with more soon.

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