Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Paper Posies In Store

All our other gorgeous paper posies have now sold out so its time for something new and fresh to take their place.  Here is the first of the bunch.  They are super cute and make your projects look so bright and colourful.  These are available in store here.

On another note thank you for all the positive feedback both on the blog and on the facebook page regarding the tutorial below I am so excited that you all loved it.  I love doing this sort of thing and its just a time issue for why I don't do more.  As always however you can find the card kits on our site which follow this same pattern of instruction the only difference is you recieve all the supplies in your pack to make it.  You can find all our kits on site.  DIY Craft Kits and Card Kits.

I am just about to start designing a new beginner card kit.  I didn't replace the previous one and I know some of you just want a sampler kit when you are just starting out with your card making.  So this is next up on my very long to do list.

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine today.
Anna xx

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