Friday, November 11, 2011

A handmade Wedding Card

I was asked by a friend this morning at School to make a last minute Wedding card for a wedding she was attending today.  As I walked away thinking about what design I would create, (as I don't often making wedding cards) I remembered that some ago I had purchased some gorgeous Bridal Wedding Dress embellishments that I came across and loved to sell on site.  Of course they were shoved to the back of the cupboard and to the end of the never ending to do list and hadn't made it on site yet until today.

So pictured below is said Wedding Dress Embellishment, now available for purchase here

And here is the card I created with it.

This dress is so beautifully and delicately made.  The card is instantly Wedding Worthy without too much effort.  By the way the card looks even prettier in real life, the photography doesn't really capture it here.

Hope you are having a lovely Friday.  I am busy packing orders and catching up on things around here before the weekend.  Very peaceful and taking my time.  I am tempted to go out for a couple of hours but feel like getting on top of things here is more efficient.

By the way and I just wanted to make note of the date today 11-11-11.  Apparently this number combination is very powerful and will affect us all in different ways.  It is also a powerful day to set the intention for where you are heading and what you would like from life.  Remove anything inauthentic and toxic people that don't lift you up and inspired need to be given the flick.  I know easier said than done especially when those people are close to you or family members. Just for today set the intention and commit to change. 

Here is a lovely post I came across on facebook which I wanted to share by Jennifer Hoffman

It's already 11-11-11 in the Southern Hemisphere, so to everyone in that part of the world, celebrate today in gratitude, love and being in your power. What is one powerful thought you can hold for yourself today to transform your life and change the world?

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