Sunday, February 20, 2011

Create Time to Change your Life

Feeling a little on the flat side today and I was just fluffing around online looking for some inspiration.  I came across this article referred to on facebook by Ali Edwards and went over to have a read.  Just what I needed to hear today.  The post is over at Zen Habits about taking the time to change your life.  Head on over and take a look.  It is very much worth the read for a bit of Sunday Inspiration.  There is also a link to the changes Leo (the blog author) has made you can find them here.

A lot of what he has acheived can seem overwhelming especially when there are several things you are trying to change all at once, but I guess that's the key small changes, little by little, create one big change.  But really getting focused and knowing what it is you absolutely want will ultimately keep you on track when you begin to doubt yourself or take steps backwards as is inevitable in any change process.

Anyway Leo says it a lot better than I do, so I will leave it there.

Happy Sunday
Anna xx


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