Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Martha Stewart Vintage Doily Punch

Hi Everyone.

It's been a while since my last post, simply because I have spent the first few days getting kids settled into school finally and catching up on some of the admin behind the scenes at Koko Vanilla.  Also on the very top of my priority list is the 100 day fitness challenge I began over a week ago.  It feels really great to finally be able to get out and exercise on a regular basis again, although it seems like I am starting from scratch.  I know however that fitness is cumulative, so by keeping at it a little every day it will build up again in no time.  The hardest part is stopping all the snacking which I was doing a lot of over the summer break.  It has become such a bad habit.  So still working on that one.

Now onto some crafty news. Shortly I will be stocking a new range of punches from Martha Stewart. However to begin with I have one which is already available on site.  It is the Vintage Doily Double Paper Punch which I have already snapped one up for myself, these are a must have for crafters.  So cute and petite but so adorable.  Take a look at the sample gift tag I have created below.  This little doily has so much detail in it such a gem of a punch.  I will also have some other types of butterfly punches in her range and a couple of others so stay tuned for those.

In this tag I have used the doily punch to create a border of doilies all the way up the side of the tag.  I have then continued the theme by using a doily punch in the middle of the flower layers.  Also used in this tag are our Carnvial Tickets in white and Candy Pink Divine Twine.

More soon
Anna x

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