Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carnival Admission One Tickets Now Available & 100 day fitness challenge

Hey Everybody, wouldn't you know it just as we head towards the end of the summer holidays we have our first 40 degree day for the year.  All I can say is "what the!!!"  I bet you the kids will have a warm few weeks returning to school.

Anyway I finally managed to source the beloved carnvial tickets I spent a long time searching for.  So I can now offer them to you all my beautiful customers in my store in 4 bright and vibrant colours.  More to come soon.  They are for sale in their individual colours as well as in a mulitpack.  Just loving these at the moment and they have made a guest appearance in my newest card kit (see post below).

Here they are feast your eyes on this eye candy.  The last card is a sample of how I use it.

Carnival Admission One Tickets
Available for purchase here

Finally I have to guiltily admit (if that's a word) that most of the weight that I lost last year has gradually found its way back.  So now that this long summer of indulgent eating and no exercise is finally over its time to get back into action and kick the extra kilos where they belong far far away.  So to get motivated I have joined this 100 day fitness challenge on facebook.  It doesn't have to be just about weightloss, it can be healthy eating, positive thinking, kicking an addiction like smoking, it doesn't matter what you choose the idea is to commit to it and join an online page where you can claim your successes and drawbacks along the way with like minded people.  Won't you join me, I started yesterday and kicked it off with a zumba class.  Wow it felt good to do exercise again.  I am commiting to doing exercise at least 5 days a week and cutting the carbs and sugars as much as possible that is definitely my downfall.  Of course lots of positive thinking in with the mix.

The link to the facebook page is here.  Megan aka Jewelchic who I have mentioned before on this blog, whose house Oprah went to for Dinner late last year is the wonderful movtivational lady behind this page.  If nothing else get yourself on facebook, and join the challenge and watch her videos of progress.  At the very least you should be feeling better after 100 days of putting your energy to commiting to improve your health.  Where thoughts go energy flows.  Lets make 2011 our best year yet!!!

Anna xx

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