Friday, August 15, 2008

Create Art

I have been thinking a lot about the creating process lately. I must admit that sometimes I create out of necessity and don't enjoy the process as much, especially when there are time constraints, like designing a kit where the instructions need to be clear for customers, so therefore you need to limit just how complex a project is or creating a last minute card in a hurry. These are just a couple of examples.

Today however I had a couple of hours where I just decided to put aside housework and all those niggly things that grab your attention when working from home and just sit down and create. I hadn't had a chance yet to create with the latest Koko Vanilla Kit so I grabbed myself a kit and just went for it, music in the background, warm heater, a coffee and just my creative flair. As you can see above this is what I came up with. Now I have to say the good thing was that I decided to do a wall hanging and not a layout. Sometimes you are bound by the photo or the colours etc etc, so with the wall hanging I could just go for it. I wanted something to hang up in my craft room that reminds me how wonderful the creative process is and how lucky I am to have such wonderful supplies accessible. I wanted something bright and dimensional that really represented to me art. I think its important that if you have a craft area that you put your artwork around you on walls and shelves, its like really validating the process that being creative is an important part of your life and an expression of your personality. Be proud to display and surround yourself with your creations.
I must say that having a kit to create with which had co-ordinating products made it even easier. There was no searching through paper stashes to find the right colour cardstock or the right matching patterned paper, it was all there in front of me ready to go. To me that was so efficient as it took the guess work out of finding supplies and just allowed me to spend those couple of hours purely indulging in being creative and not getting side tracked searching for supplies that I may have thought are somewhere around here. You know what happens when you get sidetracked you think oh maybe I'll just sort out these papers first and then you never actually get to creating. So in a long winded way I wanted to just chat about my thoughts and creativity for the day. I feel I haven't done that for ages as I usually just come on here and quickly post website updates. I hope I have inspired you to really create from your heart and just go for it, don't think a paper is too precious to use or I'll wait to open those glitter alphas for a special layout, everything you create with your hands is special so go for it and enjoy the process and Create Art.
Love Anna

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