Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Cakes, Busy Holidays & What's On Sale!!

Wow this past week has been a whirlwind. It started with my sons 6th birthday party on sunday. Here are the two cakes I made. The first is meant to look like a soccerball, made from ice -cream. The second is a chocolate cake made like a soccer field. They were both lots of fun and easy to do. The second the soccer field had a piece cut out of it as my sister-in-law had to leave early as her little one was in hospital so I wanted to send a piece of cake and it was before we actually sang happy birthday, so I just thought I would mention that in case you were wondering why a big chunk was missing. Michael loved them both.

Then the rest of the week being school holidays here in Melbourne has been filled with movies, Shops, The Melbourne Show, BBQ with Family, Sleepovers, etc etc, I can honestly say I am in recovery mode today. I feel like I just want to chill out in the warm sun for the next 7 days and not see another shopping centre or large crowd for a while. I am really hoping I can manage to swindle this remaining week with low key activities like walks, parks, playovers, craft and just homey stuff but it just depends on how well behaved the kids are as there is nothing worse than being at home all day and kids constantly bickering. I wonder how everyone else manages to fill their holidays, especially if you are a work at home mum. It is such a juggle but I wonder how other mothers master it. If you have a special secret I would love to know.

Onto website info, I have been loading a lot more items in the What's On Sale section. Click on the image to take you straight there. I have lots of new Stock arriving including Christmas Stock so I would love to clear out all the sale section so If you love a bargain head on over as some of the items just have one or two quantities remaining.
That's about all for today. Even though the holidays are on I am still on line each day and filling orders so feel free to email if you have any queries. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday. Love Anna.

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