Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Tree, Vintage Button & Lace and A Christmas Lolly Tree

Make your own Vintage Style Christmas Tree. I saw an idea similar to this on various blogs last Christmas, can't remember which ones as I see so many. This year I decided to give it a go. It's quick and easy and quite enjoyable actually. A great way to use up all those buttons you have have stashed away or at least some of them.

To make this tree you will need a cone shape of some sort either a foam one, or a chipboard one. For this one I actually used a 12 x 12 piece of thin chipboard, these often come with my paper orders to keep the papers from bending in transit. I then rolled the chipboard around to form a cone. Then the rest is all up to you I wrapped scrapbooking Christmas paper around it. I did a little fringeing along the bottom by cutting a strip of paper say about 3cm in width and then did tiny slits all the way along it and then wrapped it around the base of the tree. I then decorated with lots of gorgeous ribbons and buttons and lace. Finished off at the top with a wooden star which I inked with white ink and then heat embossed with a glittery embossing powder.

This is actually a great kids activity and I nearly ran this as a class for kids but time got the better of me and it became to late to schedule it. So if you are stuck for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained over the next few days, this may be a great one to give a go. Aside from that you will have a decoration you can cherish and take out year after year. You could even pin some lollies on this, I have acutally put together another tree full of lollies as is our yearly tradition, but I can't see why you couldn't combine it with the buttons.

Today my daughter and I made a lolly tree. I had my daughter Melanie help put it together. Poor darling she has the chicken pox, after getting it from her little brother who had it a couple of weeks ago. Still she put on a brave face and made up most of the tree herself. This is another easy project just purchase wrapped chocolates or lollies. Once again you will need a foam cone and some pins with pearl heads. I then filled a box that we had lying around with rice and wrapped it with some decorative scrapbooking paper that was the base. I then decorated with lace and ribbon. You then just pin the chocolates on in layers all the way to the top. I then wrapped our tree in clear cellophane just for safe keeping plus its going to Mum's House for Christmas Lunch. This is even a great grandparents gift Idea. They can then replenish the chocolates for next Christmas and keep the tradition going.
There you have it some Christmas Inspiration. I have started loading our December Gallery on site using our December Scrapbooking Kit, some gorgeous layouts to be seen from our designer Meri. Go take a look on site. Gallery
Have a great night. Anna.

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