Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Expressions Card Kit Now Available

Koko Vanilla Designs first brand new card kit is available for purchase now. You will love this kit perfect for Valentines Day and all the cards you will be needing to make for the coming year ahead. What perfect time of year than to get some crafting done, especially when the days are far too hot to be outdoors, even get the kids involved. Why not purchase a card kit for them and one for yourself that way you can spend quality family time together crafting and chatting. You can purchase both of these kits here.

Our Christmas Shop is mostly on sale. Grab yourself a bargain and get a really early head start on next year's Christmas Cards & Gifts. I read on a few blogs here and there the push towards giving hand made gifts and cards at Christmas time and how time just flies and there isn't enough time to get it done.

Well one way is to get it done is to get a really early start on it all so that your're not trying to jam it all in with the hundred other things that need to be done in November and December. Organisation is the key and if you have the supplies on hand 15 min here and there will get the job done over the course of the next 12 months without the least bit of stress. You can always get the kids involved since they are home now there is no excuse for them to be bored, inspire them to create we don't do enough of that these days. It's always easier to take them out to shops and movies sometimes than to sit down with them and teach them a skill with their hands. Those skills they will have for life, sewing, creating, painting, creating a holiday journal, learning to be creative is great for the soul, give it a go you may be impressed at how great the therapy is for all those involved.

I hope you feel inspired and for any supplies you may need they can be found at Don't forget to visit our gallery pages for even more ideas and inspiration.

Have a fabulous weekend

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