Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovin Baboushka Dolls

So this is how it is I am going through several phases in terms of papercrafts, I am sure my store reflects that, because I have to say I only sell what I love. I rarely purchase papers or embellies that don't make me think 'How GORGEOUS". Having admited that, a phase that has been going on for quite some time is of course the timeless Baboushka Russian Doll phase. Well it has just gained momentum again and upon finding some cute graphics from Etsy, which I love by the way. Here are some cutsies coming in store soon...

Firstly I wanted to show you how I usually wrap and present my gifts. My son had a party to attend today a girl's party of course. I usually wrap most gifts in white paper, I have a huge roll I really love huge rolls that go on forever, as you would know this even extends to my Bakers Twine stash. Having white wrapping gives me a blank canvas to work with. Often the next thing I do is wrap my handmade card in just a clear cello bag. This came from a necessity, that often my cards didn't fit in envelopes so it was just easier to swap the envelope for the bag, but of course on the background of the white wrapping you have a showpiece, so it kind of became my thing. Finally the bakers twine just adds the finishing touch. Ribbons can often be too expensive to wrap gifts in especially when you have lots of gifts to wrap in a year, but with the twine it is such great value it would probably last you a year or two if not more depending how many pressies you wrap. A gift without a ribbon around it to me seems bare, so I think you need something even if it is thin to just finish it off. If you didn't already know you can now purchase the twine in red and white, blue and white and black and white all here.
So now to take it one step further here is a sneak peak of some embellishments to hit the store very soon. I am envisaging Lolly bags, tags, cards, invitations, I could go on and on about how to use them but since it is 12.30 am and I am not usually up this late I will just be quiet and give you a sneak peak. Check the Handmade Papercrafts in the next few days to see what goodies I can come up with.

Well I think I will definitely call it a night!!

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