Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Birthday and a catch up

Whoaa its been a while!!!!!

I have been really slack with the blogging but it has been a busy two weeks for me. It seems that in the last couple of weeks of term the school seem to jam pack so many events in from camps, to concerts, to walkathons, mulicultural day and on and on which completely baffles me as the kids are tired and the parents have had enough and just as we should all be winding down for the holidays we are winding up.

Bring on the holidays for some rest and recovery for exhausted parents and kids from an overload of school activies not to mention all the taxi driving back and forth.

In my case I had a birthday to finish off the term so I have just now begun to wind down hence I am posting again.

Okay so I have had my winge and its time to share some pics of my youngest Michael's birthday on the weekend. Although I don't really follow the footy for his sake I made him the cutest collingwood guernsey cake. I am finding it hard to grasp that my youngest is now 7 where did the time go??????

Some oh so cute black and white lolly bags to match, which will be appearing in store soon as a kit to make yourself packs of 30. There will be a girl theme also. Stay tuned for details of the kit.

In case you can't tell from the top photo the party was at the pools. No top and blood shot eyes from the chlorine. Mind you that didn't stop me from over catering far too much food, as my husband kept reminding me. Oh well I guess that's the Italian side of me coming out.
Well that's a bit of an update of life in my house. I have loaded lots of new stock in store the last couple of weeks and will be releasing a new card kit this week, time permitting. So back with more later in the week (I hope) as I now juggle kids and the website for the next fortnight.
Enjoy the holidays


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Great cake, and I love the handmade eco friendly loot bags!

Little Eve said...

Hi Anna,
Belated birthday wishes for your gorgeous boy! Looks like his mum gave him a great day - fantastic cake! It sounds like we got off lightly with end of term activities. It usually just becomes full on around Christmas. It is bewildering though, end of term exhaustion and increased frenzy of activities colliding! Enjoy a well earned break from the routine.


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