Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

I know its a day late but Happy Easter to everyone.  I was having trouble trying to post on my blog because I updated to the new blogger and it kept saying there was an error.  However it seems to now be working in google chrome.

Anywaysies here is a pic of my kids and nieces and nephews yesterday at my mums for easter.

This was just after the easter hunt in the front yard.  Although the older ones didn't participate they had fun annoying the little ones while they were hunting.  The funny thing is we will be doing this all over again next Sunday for Orthodox Easter on my husbands side.

It has been a full on week  with School holidays.  I have just come back from taking my kids bowling.  It seems everyday they want to do something.  They are happy to chill out at home but that often means computers, xbox and tv.  I have an issue with that I don't mind it for a little while but then I can't allow them to do that all day either.  Its a hard juggle for this generation, as great as all the technology is, it can be a real issue because it is so addictive and I don't think it always adds value.  Trying to pry them off to do something creative or use their imagination or find another way to fill their time is like teaching a child how to walk.  You have to guide them and encourage them constantly, praise them..... sometimes I wonder what this generation will be like as adults??

I hope you enjoy the rest of this easter break and get some quality time to yourself to do something you enjoy.  I know the only time I usually get time to do something for myself  is late at night or early in the morning, when the kids are asleep. lol


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