Friday, June 15, 2012

Soul Restoration

Hey everyone, its been a while....

It haven't been around much this week because I have been focusing on finishing an online course that I signed up for in January.  The course closes in a couple of days and I hadn't finished the whole currciculum becuase it has just been a crazy 6 months for me.  The course is Soul Restoration found on the Brave Girls site.  There are many courses to choose from and  I thorougly recommend them for self growth and to give you an excuse to get those art supplies out.  Lots of both included self development and art. 

Above is one of the truth cards I made, it is kind of like making your own set of affirmation cards.  These cards are meant to be the opposite of the messages you keep playing your head.  Messages like I am not good enough, I don't do enough, I am not skinny enough, I am not pretty enough etc etc.  These are some of the ones that roll around my mind and have for years.  It doesn't really matter how they got there it is just about healing these parts of yourself.  Accepting who you are right now and looking at the strong parts of yourself and celebrating those but also knowing that we ALL have weak parts to work on, some are more obvious than others. 

I know for me weight is a huge one, I loose weight I put it on and so the cycle goes.  I know what the right thing to do, I know about nutrition and healthy eating, I've read lots of books I own lots of books???? but and here is the but food is my emotional comfort.  I can get really angry and down about the fact that I am nearly 40 and I still don't have a hold on what I put in my mouth, that I am still struggling with that part of myself.  How can something that is so simple be such a challenge?? All of us have different fears and doubts we need  to work through it may be some other addiction or habit, or a thought holding us back from truly living our dream.  Either way working through it rather than stuffing it down and pretending it doesn't exsist or that it will go away, needs to be on everyone priority list and not just females either everyone.

 I understand now why I am so drawn to scrapbooking.  It is not so much about documenting your life but about discovering your life in the process.  Art is also a form of self healing and moving through those blocks in your life.  As you know art can happen in many forms and it is different for everyone.  I encourage you to take time out to journal and create and know that it really is important, it isn't a luxury, it is an essential part of being human.

I don't mean to go on but I just wanted to do a little heartfelt share as I haven't for a while.  I also wanted to let you know its okay to be real, to be vulnerable and to be open to others about your struggles.  We are here to grow and connect to each other above all else.

I hope I have inspired you to really question those beliefs and labels you put on yourself and challenge them.  Get some supplies out and journal and create. I am really excited about this process and it is definitely more of what I am going to do even after this course is finished.

Love and Hugs, and go find your inner self!!!

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Lena said...

Thanks for sharing Anna,
I have been following Brave Girl for ages & my ultimate dream is to attend a Brave Girls camp in the US one day. Good on you for taking on the online course (I hope to do it too one day, when I can promise myself to make space for it).

The feelings you describe are a common experience for so many women. For so many of us FOOD = LOVE. I don't think we should beat ourselves up for dong what comes naturally - may be it's a positive act of loving ourselves...May be all we have to do is improve the quality of the food (healthy not junk) I know it's easier said than done....

It's all a process of personal growth. Creativity is probably a good way of loving/expressing ourselves (she says as she's wasting time on computer instead of plying in my lonely art journal) :/
Sorry, randomn thoughts here, you touched a nerve.
Hang in there
Lena :)


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