Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Stamps and School Fair Update

Hey Everyone
Finally had a chance to pop in and update this lonely abandoned blog.  Actually I was having trouble last week uploading images on here so I gave up in frustration as I had other things to do that were a priority.  Anyway it seems to be working again so here I am with some new images.
This week a few new stamps arrived, mostly Christmas but some others that are great for birthdays and other occasions also.   The link to see all the newest stamps are here but a few of the images are below...

On another note we had our school fair last week which kept me super busy making things to sell at the craft stall which I help to organise and run. Below are some images.  This was only a portion of the stall and I took heaps more photos with my phone but haven't uploaded them.  All in all it was a busy and successful, fun and tiring day, and it's nice to have it done and dusted for another year.

This week things are a little calmer for me and I can go back to conentrating on my business as well as do the 100 things on my to do list as Christmas and holidays are fast approaching. 

On that note I had better get back to it.  Enjoy  your day xx

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