Friday, May 31, 2013

100% Dream Big - Inspirational Messages for your Handmade Cards

As you may or may not know not only do I love to be creative and crafty but I love to inspire others to live their best life as well.   As I grow and change and evolve in my own life its so wonderful to combine my art and send a positive message out there at the same time.

So below I have crafted a card with the inspiring message 100% dream big.  You could absolutely gift it for a birthday or any other special occasion, and I often do this.  If you follow me on instagram you will see that I often post photos of cards I have made for birthdays that have a message on them of positivity rather than just a plain old Happy Birthday! Don't get me wrong HB is perfectly fine as well but it's nice to think outside the realm of the usual card sentiments and  have something original and inspiring.

Many family and friends say that they keep my cards because they are so special and different and often have a sentiment that is inspiring as well as the attention to detail in each card.  I love that they do and even if they don't that's okay too.  From my perspective you can never give out too much love and positivity in the world in whatever form you choose to do it.  Words are so powerfully whether you speak them or write them.

Next time you gift a card try adding a beautiful heartfelt message.  I dedicated a whole kit to inspiring cards called Dream Big you can view it here if you need some inspiration to get you started.

Main items used for this card are Pink Paislee Cottage Farm Ephemera Studio Calico drift wood veneer flowers and leaves. Note I painted some of the wood chips white for the card. Ribbon from Our Ribbon Store

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