Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to 2014 - New Year Break

Dear Friends

Welcome to a New Year filled with potential and fresh beginings.

As always I love to start the new year with lots of reflection, planning, decluttering and journaling.  I usually spend a little time assessing the year that has passed and then move onto the new year.  I usually do this using these two planners which form the basis of my year.

It's amazing to compare the mindset I had from last year to this year.  I have to say 2013 was a year of soul searching and inner growth.  It was a year full of hard lessons and insight into how my patterns and habits have served to either hinder my growth or help it flourish.

My word for the year last year was focus.  I certainly did that behind the scenes.  I spent most of my time reading and learning attending seminars and plenty of inner work with a life coach and more.  It really is worth discovering why we do what we do and whether this serves us.  Sometimes we weave the web so intensely that it takes a while to then untangle ourselves.

This coming year for me is all about shining bright and building confidence and courage to really be my true self.  To move foward with baby steps the only way I know how and rebuild myself from the inside out.

I have lots of plans for my business as I mentioned last year but to be honest I didn't have the desire to make all the necessary changes.  It was more a year to work on me before working on my business.  My commitment wasn't strong enough nor my energy or desire.

I am hoping to find both external support (for my businesss) as well the motiviation to start implementing changes to the site. Resistance this past year has definitely been my friend with excuses for not getting things done.  I realise now that reistance is a form of fear and procrastination and needs its butt kicked.

At this stage I still haven't found  my word for 2014 and I am not forcing myself to choose one.  I am having a short break this coming week with the family and hope inspiration will strike.

May the New Year for you be filled with joyful rest and relaxation and giving yourself what you need when you need it.

A quick note to mention any orders placed this coming week from 5th January - 11th January won't be packed and sent until Monday 14th January.

Looking forward to being back with a commitment to really share all the amazing things I have learned with you all in a way that can help you all in your life journey too.

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