Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why do I love creating Mixed Media Art?

If you follow me on one of the numerous social media sites I maintain you would have noticed my indulgence into Mixed Media lately (actually a year or two).  As I evolve as an artist and business owner it is only natural to follow my passion for being creative.  If I didn't and only created what my customers wanted to see I wouldn't be true to myself and nor would I be creating with that passion I described earlier. 

Each day is different day for me as it would be for you, sometimes I feel like making a card and sometimes I need that therapeutic messiness that only paints can provide.  I encourage you also not to be stagnant and only try one medium or one style or one type of project.  It's kind of like eating the same breakfast every day for years.  Boring and predictable.  If you are anything like me I am a different breakfast option type of girl, always changing according to what I feel like on that day.

Being exploritive in art helps to keep the momentum going and minimises that creative rut that we sometimes get into.  If it's just not flowing TRY SOMETHING NEW!.

When we try something new, chances are

1.  We will get back into the flow and start creating again and possibly incorporate that new medium or technique into our current work style.

2.  We will move past the initial resistance of doing it only one way and create freedom in our art which we were once blocking by stubbornly wanting it to be a certain way.

3. We will step out of our comfort zone and create something so amazing that looks nothing like anything we have previously created and now have this idea of how we can keep creating more in this style, otherwise known as being excitedly creatively inspired to grab your supplies and spend hours creating ignoring all other tasks like getting kids to school and making the evening meal.  (all you arty mummas know what I'm talking about here)

I encourage you to explore and try something different and not feel as though you have to be only a card maker or only a scrapbooker or only a project lifer or only a painter.  Mix, combine and play and don't get caught up in the labels.  There are no rules only you create them, the less rules the more freedom you will have to push through the blocks and explore your creative expression on the other side of that.

How does my business fit in.  Well I create what I love and hopefully inspire you to do the same.  I come from a place of authenticity.  I don't have a design time, I do everything in my business.  I create, photograph, update my website, film my videos, pack and send packages, update all my social media sites etc.  It's slow and time consuming and sometimes frustrating to do everything I want to do. On top of this I have 3 beautiful kids and guess what they come before all the business stuff, because you only get one chance at that and then its gone.

Let me step back a little and give you some tiny backgound you may understand me more this way.  I grew up in a hardworking family business which was a Reception Centre.  My parents worked their arses off and so did all of we.  We banded together and helped I was waitressing at the age of my youngest now 11 every weekend, for weddings of 400 people, two parties going at once as we had two rooms.  The first half of my life I did what I could to help my parents I never questioned it, I just did it, cause that's what you did.  Family was and is everything.  I  also spent a lot of years living with aunty when I was younger, my mums sister she had no children and was more than happy to have me and in fact she mothered me like I was a Princess.  But guess what I hated going there as I got older because I felt isolated and like I didn't belong to my family.  Why am I telling you this?  This particular upbringing is why I run my life and business the way I do.  I swore I would never do that to my kids.  I am lucky that I have a husband that supports me financially so this business is my project.  But until my kids are adults they are and will always by my main project.  Only because I know what it feels like to be on the other end of parents that are not emotionally available and don't have time for you.  You know you are loved but you don't feel like you matter.  It's just the way it was then and they didn't know any better.  They came from nothing and wanted the best for us and they thought the best for us was to provide financially and give us opportunities they never had like great private schools, saving for your first house etc.  However fast forward to today and things have changed we now know all that stuff means nothing if your kids don't feel loved and important and cared for by you their parents. Yes they want all the nice stuff but the foundation needs to be there as well the emotional connection, the love!

So now that you know why I am not here just to make some income I am here to share my souls calling to create art and to inspire you all to create art also and hopefully to heal as well  We all have a life event or events to heal from.  I don't care whether you think you do or don't we all do.

I have said a little more than I had planned to say. I just wanted to be up front with you, so you all know my journey and why I do what I do.  Also why I am always encouraging you to explore art and spend time expressing yourself that way.  It is a form of self love too.

Below are some expressions of my new passions.  Plenty of supplies in store to get started with this style of art.  There are stencils, paints and papers and stickers all of which have been used to create here.   Its a little different from card making but just as much fun.  Give it a try.  I will be making a You Tube of the process soon.  Make sure you follow me on FB as all the updates are on there daily.  All the buttons for my socal media link are on the home page of the website here !

If you read to the bottom of my Sunday Rant, I am honoured.
Enjoy your Sunday and break through the blocks and find the real you!
Anna xox

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