Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life Lessons Learned on the Art Journal Page and a Mixed Media Melbourne Workshop in September

I am totally loving the process of creating art backgrounds.  It is freeing and fun and I am slowly learning to let go of being perfect and not scared to make mistakes.  A metaphor for life I think.  I get to a point in my background and I think its perfect and I don't want to do anything else to it in case I stuff it up. 

So then I leave it and think hmm what can I add cause I can't just stop at the background.  This is definitely the part where I get stuck, like badly stuck and don't move forward.  Do I put words, paint images, add patterend paper, shit too many decision and it's a bit overwhemling. I'll just come back to it later and see.  Something will come to me, or I'll just start another background!  Okay so there is life again reflecting itself in my art.

I guess to keep it short here otherwise I will rant on forever, the take away might be that not every decision is the right one but that can't stop us from making any decision because, not making a decision is in effect making a choice to do nothing which is a decision.  This then has a consequence. 

To push myself even further out of my comfort zone I have scheduled to teach a mixed media class in September, see below, to force myself to overcome the fear of not being perfect and not being able to know everything about what I am teaching because I've only been back into painting for a year and a half.  However I have something that needs to be shared and a message that goes with it.  Just to add a little pressure and discomfort I will push through the lack of confidence and all the other BS excuses that I keep telling myself and just do it.  If you are in Melbourne and wish to join me details are here.

So here the pages I speak off and given that the biggest mistake I can make on these pages is with paint and paper and not with my life, time to practice making mistakes and pushing past my comfort zone so that it isn't scarry anymore.

I knew this art stuff was good for something, other than the pure fun of it and the fact that it makes me happy.  Give it a try you might like or even love it.  If you need an intro and a fun Sunday afternoon come join me I promise it will be fun and maybe just a little life altering too.

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