Saturday, November 1, 2014

Inspiration Exists but it has to find you working

Over the last couple of weeks I have felt the call to create another Card Making Kit - with photos and instructions, the kind that I used to create.  I lost interest in making them up and felt totally bored with designing and typing out my step by step process, photographing etc.   However after a year of not having created one I really felt the call to design a new Christmas Kit

Every day over the last couple of weeks things would come up, people would need me, orders would come flying through my inbox, urgent orders, or I was too tired, or it was night time, I prefer not to create at night because I can't match the colours as well, so pretty much every type of resistance you can imagine really.

Anyway this week I declared publically  on Instagram and Facebook that I would sit down and make a start for a new Christmas Kit.  I already had the supplies here I just need to sit and do it.  I declared it for two reasons, firstly to let my customers know that I was creating a kit and also to keep myself accountable.  Wouldn't you  know it, over two days the kit was designed, created, typed up and photographed and for sale on my site.  Amazing what inspired action can do.  When I first sat down the ideas weren't coming and I was spending way too much time on even the first card to get it right.  However once the first card was done that was it, the rest just flowed, suprisingly quickly.

When you declare to do something and sit your butt down no matter what and create, inspiration and ideas will show up and you will get into the flow.  "Inspiration exists but it has to find you working"  Love this quote by Pablo Picasso, it is up on the wall in my studio as a constant reminder.

After that really long background to the birth of this kit, here it is below, you can purchase on site, just click on the photo to find out more about this kit.

Happy Holidays Card Making Kit - 2014

Anna xx

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