Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet Your Artist Within - Part 1 - My Journey

It's been a while since I have posted something spiritual and insightful here.   To be honest it used to be a natural progression to lead into long posts on this blog of things other than craft.  Then one day I wondered whether it was really appropriate to post since it was attached to a website that sold Art and Craft Supplies.  I was torn because I had so much to share with you all but then I wondered whether what I had to share was going out to my blog readers that just wanted to see samples of cards and scrapbooking etc.  I had this desire to blend in my creativity with spirituality or self growth but wasn't sure how to do it.  In hindsight I could have just kept sharing as you the blog reader always has the power to decide whether to read on or not.

A while after I stopped posting, I started to find artists that did in fact combine creativity with spirtuality.   When I say spiritual I don't mean religous. I mean going within and getting to know myself better. Listening to my soul or higher self or whatever you choose to call it.  There is no doubt I was running around trying to be everything to everyone and not really acknowledging what I myself wanted and needed, to help myself grow and heal.   It has taken me on twists and turns and highs and lows that have left me feeling at times inadequate, stuck, scared and at other times as though I may just have found the answer.  The next healer, the next practice, the next meditation style etc etc.  When you want answers to something that is bothering you, you will search high and low to get those answers for years even. Well that has been my journey.  By the way it's still going as I believe working on yourself just never stops.  But I feel as though I have many insights now that I want to share about how I  have evolved and where this journey has led me.

If you have been following me for a while you would have noticed that my art has changed.  First of all I am actually making art.  Funnily enough 16 years ago I actually did formal painting classes and then continue to paint on my own, this was before the internet.  I did a few market stalls with painted wood pieces.  Years later I started to get involved with the Scrapbooking Community and went from there.  I think I was drawn to all the beautiful supplies and creating lovely things.  There was still a need to create but I did get bored of scrapbooking even though I eventually opened up a store selling supplies Koko Vanilla Designs.

I evolved over to card making and still love making cards to this day.  They are quick and easy and great therapy.  But there was something still missing.  Yes I can make gorgeous cards but the fulfillment was gone.  Don't get me wrong I still love putting pretty papers and embellishments together and taking cute photos but my soul was asking me to go deeper here.  Creating had become just to inspire my customers, to the point that I wasn't creating for my own enjoyment but to demonstrate how you could use the products and supplies.  Once again fun but not really inspiring to me.

The last year or so I have really begun to combine my love of painting and mixed media together.  I love that there are no rules and you can go as crazy as you want to.  The process can be healing if you don't let the ego step in and criticise you whilst you create.  Over time I have filled my social media platforms with creativity in which ever form has called to me.  I have run a couple of classes here and there and done a video or two.  But still I needed more.

A few weeks back after months of going back and forth in my mind with what will I do now.  I kept feeling called to help others through my art, I just wasn't sure how.  I don't have qualifications as an Art Therapist and I am not a Qualified Life Coach although I have a lot to share from experience and life journey.  In my search to find an online course that would give me some sort of a combination of these two elements and some structure and insight when it comes to sharing and teaching, I found a lovely lady who I absolutely resonated with as soon as I heard her speak on an online podcast.  Her name is Whitney Freya.  Whitney runs several online courses but the one I have joined up for is Creatively Fit Certified Coach  This will give me even more insight and skill in sharing my art with you not to mention help me to feel more confident once I have gone through this journey to share it with others.  I am once again the student and absolutely loving it I have to say.

In my next Blog post I will share with you what I have learnt in the first 4 weeks of my course so far.  I wanted to share it here but the post will be way too long.  So I am breaking it up into two although they both relate.

As for the online store it is staying, and will evolve as I do.  As for my offerings that will also change no doubt.  For now I hope you enjoy reading about my first 4 weeks on my Creatively Fit Coaching Journey.

Anna xx

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