Friday, August 21, 2015

Painting Race - 10 Miles of Paintings

This layer of the course was an interesting one.  I think I broke through many painting blocks and beliefs which were halting my progress. I highly recommend if you would like to learn the art of detachment, paint over your paintings on a canvas.  It's also a great way to grow your confidence muscles in the area of lack.  I know for myself often if I paint or create something, sometimes I wonder whether I can do it again and I don't want to ruin it.  Certainly in this process you become aware that there is no endless supply.  Although not every project, painting, artwork will be perfect, you will always find that creative source again and again as long as you show up.

So here are my paintings from 1 - 10. 

Mile 1 - this was meant to be a fun painting on which we were to paint a stick figure.  Pretty silly but definitely was fun.  A great way to start and of course very easy to paint over.

Mile 2 - Paint a sunflower, this was my version of a sunflower, very flowy and abstact.  Didn't love it so happily painted over it.

Mile 3 - Focusing on Unity, we had to pick a shape to paint on the canvas to create unity.  I choose the rectangle shape.

Mile 4 - Was to use papers on your canvas. Since my background is mixed media I loved this one.  So much so that I couldn't do another layer over it I wanted to leave it and work with it.  You will see later in my paintings I transformed it into an owl.

Layer 5 This is on a new canvas and the inspiration behind this canvas was proportion and we had to have a go at painting a nautilus shell.  I had lots of resitance on this one so much so that I avoided it for a few days.  I think I just wasn't inspired by what we were meant to paint.  Eventually I sat down did some google image searching and found a couple of images that I thought I could have a go at painting.  Needless to say it is very wishy washy and quick, next....

Layer 6 - This was actually painted in my art journal.  I had the background already painted from a while back.  The topic for this canvas was Harness - to harness what we want more of in life.  For me it was peace and relaxation and the buddha was the image that came to mind.  So here it is, this is my favourite.

Layer 7 - This was super fun and I highly recommend it when you are feeling stressed.  It was simply to finger paint dots on a canvas.  This was actually really relaxing because there was no expectations to create a masterpiece.

Layer 8 - I love this one too and how it turned out.  For this one you paint a background and then highlight some shapes with either paint or pencil and then paint all the left over space with one paint colour.  I chose a creamy white.  Then I got the inspiration to use a skewer to doodle shapes in the white paint while it was still wet.  Another great one for relaxation

Layer 9 - This canvas topic was to paint something that makes up happy.  I thought I wanted to have a go at painting a whimsical owl and I thought it would suit that background from earlier that I mentioned.  Can you see parts of it even though most of it is covered.

Layer 10 - The topic of this canvas is to paint change we would like to create.  I started this canvas a long time ago and got stuck with inspiration on how to finish it.  I decided to pull it out to finally finish it.  I felt inspired to paint mandalas and dreamcatchers on the canvas.  This is not finished as yet as I want to add some painted inspirational words to it as well.   I guess for me creating change and not being afraid to follow my dreams and learn to trust and believe that everything is working out perfectly even when it doesn't feel like it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this month of painting and it definitely stretched me as a person and creatively.  Hope you enjoyed my update.

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Chat soon
Anna xx

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