Thursday, April 14, 2016

100 DAY PROJECT 2016

We are a quarter of the way through the year. How is your commitment to your creativity going?

This year I have been making a conscious effort to stay on track with my art and creativity and really trying not to focus on too many other things aside from the essentials. It is so easy for us to get sidetracked.

A few weeks ago I came across Elle Luna who is the author of a "The crossroads of should and must" find and follow your passion.

Here is her Fb

I thought I would share with you the ‪#‎100dayproject‬ created by Elle which begins April 19th 2016.

I am making the commitment to 100 days of mini paintings. They will more than likely be abstracts as they are quick and easy but I am not putting any restrictions as to what I will paint aside from the size being small, easy and managable. Something that can be done within 20 minutes. I am still deciding whether it will be on paper or canvas and I will do that in the next day or so, in order to be prepared.

Come join me so we can do it together. I will be posting my art on here, my art instagram profile

PS I am not an affiliate just love a challenge that I know will grow me as a person as well as my creativity and I am wanting to share it all with you guys and inspire you to join in.

You can sign up for emails re the project on the link below if you wish.…

A few ideas for your 100 day project
Write a Poem
Write in a Gratitude Journal
Declutter a few items each day
Walk or Run for 15 mins

Start a Journal
Make a Card
Art Journal Page
Read something inspiration for 15 mins
Post a quote
Randomn Act of Kindness Each Day

There are so many ideas.  Just think of something that inspires you and that you will be able to manage so it doesn't become a chore and go for it.

Anna x

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