Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introducing..... Koko Vanilla Petites


I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Its a great time for spending quality family time or even time with the self. I am currently reading Eckart Tolle's book, 'The Power of Now.'

Reading this book is really making me aware of just how important it is to be in the present and just how often I am constantly thinking about the next thing and the next thing rather than just being in the now. Slowly I am making a commitment to be present in the now and take each moment and day as it comes. As someone once said to me,' Just do what's in front of you!'. I have acutally written this on a big colourful note and stuck it on a wall in my house where it is visible. I reminds me whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with lots of things needing to be done at once and not sure where to start this note reminds me to just begin somewhere and focus on the task at hand one thing at a time. I am sure I am not alone here as all of us mums tend to multitask to some degree or another. So I hope that my little bit of advice might help you if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Now onto the title of this post. Introducing Koko Vanilla Petites. As there is so much product available and we all seem to accumulate mountains of craft products we have decided at Koko Vanilla to offer half sized kits called Petites. These kits will still be as fabulous as our larger kits but just more condensed so you still get a stunning selection of materials just in a smaller bundle. I was hoping to post a photo here of our first kit but my computer is playing up and not letting me load photos on blogger. So to see our very first in our selection of Petites this ones for the boys in your life, Country Road Trip Petite (as I think the boys have been just a little left out with all the girly products in our other kits.

Well that's all the news for today and remember our June special is 20% off your first purchase at Koko Vanilla Designs, so tell your family and friends. Our low postage rate of $3.95 is both affordable and convenient. So grab a cuppa and browse our store and stock up on some wonderful new products.

Happy Long Weekend

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