Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hero Arts Christmas Stamps

Wow it has been such a hectic week and I am glad to see the end of it. We had our School Fair yesterday so I have spent most of the week helping prepare for that both through our Craft Stall and Second Hand Book Stall. Being a class rep there was lots to organise as well as being part of the craft group. I think I am slowly learning that as much as I love helping and being a part of it all, it can all get too much and I end up feeling exhausted and stressed. I have decided that I really need to take a step back. I know I find myself volunteering all the time here and there, so that the job gets done for the school but then things have to give in other ways, like my business and me time, the house gets neglected, the kids get irrated from being ignored, it fuels a whole run of negativity of which I have decided after 6 years, I have had enough. I guess it's all in how you percieve it but when it's not fun anymore and becomes more of a negative than a positive it's time to step back and start to choose things to put attention to that are energizing and rewarding. Life is so fast paced already that it's hard to slow down and remember how it is to be still and quiet and find peace. I once read somewhere in relation to time management, that to remember when you say yes to something or someone, what are you saying no to. More often than not it means for me that I am saying no to my needs and my business.

I have gone on a bit here but I wanted to share this because I feel that what I am writing about here is common everywhere and this message is especially for the women out there who keep on filling everyone'e else cup and leave their own empty. When we do things through obligation and guilt, in the long term it only leads to anger and resentment and eventually illness. So next time you are about to say yes to something that has been asked of you, and it's really not in your heart to do it, think first what you are saying no to and who you should be really pleasing.

A bit heavy for a Sunday so let's lighten up a touch and get back to the best form of therapy there is scrapbooking and craft. Look at the abolutely gorgeous stamps that are now available for purchase on site. These stamps are guaranteed to jazz up any Christmas project you have going. These stamps are newly released for 2008 from Hero Arts.

Hero Arts Large Christmas Circle Stamp Set of 4

Hero Arts, Large Christmas Circle Stamps. A set of four woodblock circle tags, perfect to make Christmas Tags, stamp and attach to Christmas Gifts, great for Christmas cards. Each image measures approx 5cm. To purchase Click Here

Hero Arts Poinsettia & Birds

A lovely floral background with a sprinkling of sweet birds. Made with new lightweight wood, Hero Arts DesignBlocks are easy to handle, and make bold statements with gigantic potential for cardmaking and scrapbook pages. Image measures 14cm x 10cm. To purchase click here.
Lots more goodies to get those craft projects started. I have decided I am going to feature a Christmas project on this blog each week. So stay tuned more info to come.
Enjoy the start to a fresh week. Live, Create, Inspire! Anna.

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